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  • Years old:
  • 19
  • Ethnicity:
  • I'm scottish
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Male
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • Long wavy chestnut hair
  • I like tattoo:
  • I don't have tattoos


Tortured swollen testicles! Presented by Gay Bondage Fiction. Illustrated with art by Cavelo.


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Antonio, a young Italian gay guy moves to Canada and meet a black Master. A sadistic Black Master who falls in love with this young men and turns him into his sex slave.

The boy, scared of his master, kept on going to his place for more training and he started to fall in love with Master and the abuse. The boy, scared of his master, kept on going to his place for more training and he started to fall in love with Master and the abuse It might be a bit graphic for some readers.

Erotic Thriller- Alex wakes up bound in a room almost nude. His dick locked in a chastity. He doesn't know where he is or how he got there.

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All he knows is he is uncontrollably horny and desperate to figure out the truth. His day is about to get a lot more strange and he is going to find out just how cruel and unusual people can be. Kinktoberday 1! Two friends meet up to fuck, one of them pent up for a week without cumming, the other ready to drain his balls, taking them from blue to black-and-blue. While we were on our December trip to Hawaii, we again had some man on man fun with the slutty butler we'd originally met on our cruise to Alaska in The slut was still a slut, but instead of being a butler, he'd become a surf instructor.

To say he was still a slut is like saying the Mona Lisa is a painting - Jaan is a very nasty, uber slutty bitch, who is almost as insatiable as we are. The three alpha males - Randy the gypsy construction boss; Bob his businessman lover; and the cop Mark - test Gay cbt stories other's manhood. Power shifts as top-men submit to the authority of another.

Gay cbt stories

The cop growls at the naked businessman, "That looks so fucking hot. You want it bad, don't you, stud?

The games continue at the Grady House where the tribe has gathered to flex their muscles and indulge their lusts. The muscle-stud leatherman Miguel pays the price for trashing boss Randy as the guys line up to jack off over him and drown him in jizz.

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Later the fireman Jason and his boy Ben get wild therapy from Dr. Jason says, "Damn you look hot. Look in the mirror. That is one Now it's just us I did not have sex with a woman until my first year of college. I met Trish and she dominated me teaching me the joys and pleasure that two people can share.

The 7 remaining contestants compete in the next round of the competition.

‘gay cbt’ stories

The theme for this round is CBT. The contestant to endure the most pain will be the victor. Meanwhile, New alliances are formed, Deals are made, and one contestant playing both sides is exposed.

Who will be next to go? The final 3 men compete in a Feet Fetish themed competition. The winner will reap the rewards while the loser will face the harshest punishment in the whole game.

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Who will win? Who will wind up the final statue? The great fetish based competition series comes to an end in this part.

After an intense encounter with the ghosts, Helmut shares a rather personal part of his history with Joey. Andy, after being catfished in an online chatroom, finds himself kidnapped and in an unfamiliar space. His captor introduces himself as his master and starts to get him adjusted to his new life as a slave.

‘gay cbt’ stories

The introduction to an ongoing series with new drama and torment in each chapter. After being catfished in an online chatroom, Andy finds himself having been kidnapped and brought to an unfamiliar and now glaringly unwelcoming place. It's his second day in captivity, the first having been spent in a short but incredibly painful introduction to his new life as a slave. Today he'll be tortured by having his hair electrocuted off of his body The third day of Andy's abduction has arrived.

Gay cbt stories

This time, the agenda for Sebastian is to show his new slave the extent of his plight, as well as his full power The boy scared of his master, keep on going to his place for more training and he started to fall in love with Master and the abuse. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!

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A staccato of water droplets add to a quiet and dark ambience.


I wake up disoriented with my head pounding, hungover from the sheer amount of alcohol I'd consumed last night.


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