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EDIT: Found it! Legend has it no complete version exists because nobody dares to host the entire thing. It's the ark of the covenant of fanfic if you open it your face melts.


It was a nice and cool evening in the big city of Goldenrod in Johto. A local trainer named daz just got done doing a round of training in Olvine and flew back home to rest as he prefers to spend nights at his own home.

Once he entered his house, he puts all of his pokeballs on the drawer. He then goes to read a magazine on the couch. Meanwhile, inside one of the pokeballs, Gardevoir had dreams about her loving her own master.

Gardevoir stories

She initially shook them off as they were wrong but later found out from another pokemon that pokephilia was actually legal and was even encouraged, as long as the two sides have consent to do so. Unknown to daz, Gardevoir, like most psychic pokemon, has the hidden power of telepathy that allows them to directly communicate with humans. Daz was happily reading along the magazine. He never mentions to anyone but he has a thing with watching pokemon having sex with each other.

As a matter of fact, the magazine he was reading was documenting such a thing, although he never looked at a section that was new. All of a sudden, one of the pokeballs rolled off the drawer and Gardevoir was released.

Gardevoir x trainer fanfiction

Gardevoir smiled as she walked to her master. She then glanced at the magazine daz was reading. Daz — oh. Daz was now blushing hard at his pokemon knowing what he was doing. This is more intensified by the fact that Gardevoir was currently the only active female pokemon with him. Although, deep down he knew he cared for Gardevoir so much ever since he caught her as a ralts after it decided to run away from a group of thugs rudely invading her territory with a bunch of dark pokemon.

Gardevoir then senses something deep inside her. It somehow felt foreign to her until she realized what her parents said about eventually mating. She has been a Gardevoir for a month but she is now in heat for the very first time.

She thought about possibly finding a Gallade or a male Gardevoir but they are rare to find in Johto and even Kanto. She would need to visit Hoenn to do so.

Gardevoir x trainer lemon

So who do you want to mate with? Gardevoir — Not at all. Arecus one day proclaimed to the entire world that if a pokemon and a human really do see eye for an eye and truly love each other, then everybody should not bash them but rather be happy for them. Daz — well. Daz then remembers how much he really cared for her in the past and such. All of a sudden he finds deep down inside his heart that he truly loved his gardevoir, not just as a pokemon but as a girlfriend he never had.

Gardevoir then leans in and kisses daz on the lips. Her chest spike lightly poking his chest. Gardevoir simply giggles at this and then flips the magazine to a showing the water pokemon trainer Misty being fucked senseless by a vaporeon. Gardevoir then slips off her one piece dress, which is the only thing protecting her privates.

Daz — well I admit I have been wanting to get laid for a while now, never thought it would be by a pokemon. Gardevoir then decided that she would first show off her ass.

She faces away from him and then bends over. He then fondles with it a bit before gardevoir held her stomach. You actually want to be pooped on someday by a beautiful girl right? Daz — well kind of. Daz immediately does so as he sees her ass get closer to his face.

Can someone give me a link for david x gardevoir?

She all of a sudden starts to push out nice size logs of poop that lands on him. This went on for a couple of minutes until she finally stops and stands over him. She then allowed Daz to get a face full of her ass. She suddenly moaned when daz begin to eat it out and cleaning the hole of excess poop. Once he was done doing that, Gardevoir made a really long and loud fart on him. Daz took it as a that he was doing a great job. Do you have such a dream? Gardevoir blushed, knowing that she had such a dream.

Matter of fact her sister ended up having her dream fulfilled by a gallade while still a kirlia. Gardevoir — how are you going to achieve that? Gallades use a secret stone to produce enough cum to get us drenched. There is no way it will have any effect on a human, right?

Gardevoir x trainer lemon

Daz — well actually I ordered something that is like the stone but instead it was form of a pill. Gardevoir — oh goodness. Gardevoir blushed as she used her psychic to masturbate daz while laying down on her back. It went up and down and the movements got faster.

Pokemon x trainer fanfic lemon

Daz groaned, knowing the speed at which his dick is being simulated was only possible by a pokemon. All of a sudden, daz starts to cum on his pokemon. It first started as constant huge spurths on her frontside and also the backside once she turned over. Finally, he let out one long 15 second spurth of cum that finished her off. Afterwards, daz showed her the mirror. Gardevoir — mmmmmm. Daz somehow still has energy inside him. He then kisses gardevoir again and looked at her eyes.

Gardevoir x trainer fanfiction

Daz — I know this will be the first time and all but try your best to endure the pain. Gardevoir then while still covered in cum got on one knee and all of a sudden a ring appears floating in midair just above her hand. Daz was stunned. He then thought about it for a while. His mind then wonders off to how really caring he was with all of his pokemon and how much passion he had.

It was the highest, though, with the Ralts, who became Kirlia and who is now a Gardevoir, covered in his cum proposing to her. Gardevoir then used her psychic powers to put the ring on Daz and then kissed him. She then started to glow like she was evolving but afterwards Gardevoir was still a Gardevoir with one noticeable difference. Her chest spike was gone. Gardevoir - just by the power of my mind. It can now come out of my body without having to have some sort of physical medium. By the way the ring you now wear almost is a dawn stone but its power to evolve male Kirlias into Gallades does not exist.

Also I can now control whenever or not I get pregnant. Gardevoir — My dad did. He knew that someday a member of his clan would one day be with a human as a mate, not just as trainer-trainee. Daz then pushes in a bit. Gardevoir surprisingly decided to use her powers to break the barrier. She was a bit of pain but got over it after a couple of minutes.

Can someone give me a link for david x gardevoir?

Daz then simply continues to thrust faster and harder into her. The sound of the two fleshes coming together was like music to them. Gardevoir was feeling her first orgasm coming and brought daz the same exhilarating speed his dick felt a bit ago.

Daz was unable to control his body at all as he came deep and hard into her, the womb getting soaked inside and out. Using her hidden power not many humans know about, she allowed the pregnancy take place. After daz finished cumming, gardevoir used her legs and arms to pull him tightly onto her cum covered body and keep him there. They then share one final kiss before Gardevoir fell asleep. Daz did soon after, his face getting buried in between her boobs, now that there is no longer a chest spike there, with room to give him oxygen.

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Okay, so here we go with the 60th chapter and yes this is the end.