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  • I've got short hair
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  • My body features is overweight
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Tell me is there anything that I can tell you to make your life more comfortable? The car thudded as it ran down the freeway, I looked up to the smiling green-eyed black hair futa with slightly pan skin massive double d breasts and a small smile on her lips as I sighed. Four figures were seen with each other, locked together by their hips and holding each other's thighs.


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The sun poured down mercilessly and red hot clouds of dust swept across the barren dessert plains as David stepped out of his truck. He was a decent looking young man that had plenty of problems.

He was only eighteen, broke, had no family, and as of two weeks ago had no job and was about to get kicked out of his apartment.

There weren't allot of opportunities for people like David anymore it seemed. People who never had much schooling but were good with their hands weren't wanted anymore, nowadays every place wants you to have a college degree. Well David wasn't much for the idea of college, he had learned all he needed to know, he felt.

All he wanted was a roof over his head and three square meals a day, and he was more than willing to work plenty hard to get it. He actually enjoyed his work, he liked the tactile feel of doing things with your hands. That's what led him all the way out here to a secluded farm in the middle of nowhere. He stood in front of a sturdy wooden fence, about chest height that seemed to stretch out forever in both directions.

A little ways off in the distance he could see a small house with faded yellow paint, and just beyond that was a large red barn. Between him and the buildings a thin heard of cows grazed lazily around the field. God knows what they were planning to find in the barren dust beneath them, but you certainly couldn't knock their spirit for trying.

David walked a few yards along the fence to where he spied a metal gate.

He was about to lift up the latch and waltz on through when noticed a hand painted nailed to a post just beyond the fence. David thought for a moment. He was replying to a help wanted ad, he wasn't a trespasser was he? He looked around but didn't see anyone that he could call out to, Futa rape stories if he wanted the job he was going to have go in. He certainly didn't want to get shot at by any crazy rednecks but he really did need the work. There weren't any other jobs in the local paper promising room and board like this one was either.

David decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up pulled open the gate. If they really didn't want people coming up to the house they would've locked the gate, right? The heat really was near unbearable out in the country and even the quick walk from the fence to the farmhouse left him tired and sweaty.

The cows paid neither him nor the heat any mind as he weaved through them to get to the house and climb the few wooden steps up to the front porch. Once in front of the door he swallowed what little saliva his mouth could produce in the heat and rapped his knuckles across the splintering wood. Several moments passed and he didn't hear anything from inside. He was just a second or two from turning back when the door suddenly swung open without warning. David had to quickly step back to avoid being hit in the face with the door and nearly stumbled over himself.

As soon as he regained his footing he looked up and was taken aback by the person in front of him. Where he had expected a gruff hairy redneck was instead a kind, matronly woman. She was about the same height as him and looked to be somewhere in her 40s. Looking her over twice though, she was in magnificent shape for her age.

She still had somewhat of an hourglass figure, even if part of it was obscured by the large plaid button up shirt she wore. Her jeans however seemed almost too tight on her and clearly showed off the curves of her legs and her wide child bearing hips. Her breasts must have been huge as they were still clearly visible through her baggy shirt. It was evident that they had begun to sag, but they still retained a pleasant tear drop shape.

Finally he rested on her face, which even which a not so small amount of wrinkles still retained a bit of youthful warmth. Her lively green eyes stared gently back at him from behind locks of sandy blonde hair going down to her shoulders. I'm fine. The older woman smiled in an innocent manner while some not so innocent thoughts went by her mind. She liked the way he called her ma'am. Why don't we step inside and discuss the specifics, and maybe get you something to cool off with. As she turned around to go inside David was immediately drawn to her ass.

It seemed too large on her frame and strained against the tight jeans, threatening to tear them open if she should squat or bend over. Despite the woman most likely being twice his age he felt a lustful stirring in his loins. He kept an eye on her backside as he followed he into the cozy little home, enjoying the hypnotic wobble in her walk cycle.

She led him to an old sofa and bid him to sit while she went in the kitchen to Futa rape stories them drinks. It could have been his imagination, but David could've sworn that she had an extra button undone at the top of her shirt when she came back out and put down two glasses and a pitcher of lemonade.

Just watching the perspiration slide down the side of the pitcher made him feel like he was dying of thirst. Now tell me, have you ever worked on a farm before? We really need an extra set of hands around here, and ah reckon there's nothin' about caring for the animals that ya can't just pick up on the job.

David can't help but stare as her large breasts hang off of her body, her spacious shirt allowing them free reign. He had to resist the urge to reach out and grab them.

So you don't run this place by yourself? Mah daughter Dell does all the heavy lifting around here, she's in her early twenties so she's just a bit older than you.

She's such a hard worker but she just can't do it all alone, though I know she wishes she could, so that's why I put the ad out in the paper. David felt his penis stiffening as he imagined a younger version of the woman before him. If she took after Futa rape stories mother at all she must be a knock out beauty. Almost as if on cue they both heard a pair of heavy boots step onto the porch outside.

The door the house flew open and the largest woman David had ever seen walked in. She stood at around 6 and a half feet tall, and every inch of it was muscle. A life of farm working had built her like an amazon goddess. Muscles rippled beneath her skin with her every movement as she confidently walked over to where they sat, grabbed the pitcher, and brought the whole thing to her lips.

Her bicep bulged to nearly the size of her head as she threw back her head and downed the entire pitcher. She was covered in a heavy sweat that soaked her wife beater shirt, making it practically see through and causing it to cling tightly to her hard flat stomach. Her breasts, just as large as her mothers but much more firm and rounder, stretched out the fabric of her shirt. Her large pink nipples shone through like two big polka dots. Finished with the lemonade she slammed the pitcher down on the table and let out a long heavy sigh. Her face had a severe expression on it that seemed at odds with her dainty lips and effeminate cheekbones.

She drew one hand across her smooth forehead, brushing away the few locks of hair that weren't held back in a golden braided ponytail. From the moment she had appeared she dominated the room.

The way she carried herself commanded instant reverence. Her taut body seemed tightly wound, like a spring ready to be released. It was as if at any moment she might pounce, and no one was safe from her.

David could smell her sweat, a heady musky aroma that wrapped around him and filled his lungs. This is Dell just stared into him with her piercing blue eyes. She looked him up and down with little to no expression. He could feel her gaze on him, prodding him and groping him.

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