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The X and Y chromosomes continue to carry the female and male characteristics, but while girls are born with the usual XX combination, the XY pairing for males has become impossible Preface: I have a few stories in mind that i will be writing.


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At least I think so. No announcement was made.

But I got an e-mails saying I can share this shit now so I am. My first AND. I tracked it down and found them in order. I was happy with myself when I saw that I had guessed the right order myself before I found proof. It happened again!

Look at the gem I dug up. Poor sissy fell in with a rough crowd. What a sweet young man.

Futa on male

God bless Anasheya! This one is with Jintsuu. You can find versions with a bit of her kai ni gear, clean ones and of course ones without hearts on my patreon. This one is with Tsuruya. You can find uncensored version as well as full res etc on my patreon. I love this. Ha ha! Filled with a buttplug, locked in chastity and doing anything to please your dom!

Can anyone translate?? This is an old image. I never looked at it closely before. Or maybe it was that the left hand half was cropped. Anyway, it appears to be a kind pet shop that caters to futas that like to fuck little sex-doggies. Lovely idea.

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I identify with the little. One of my all-time favorite artists! Maybe it is posted somewhere else? Ah, here it is. Cool, a futa anime movie clip. His masculinity will be totally nullified. This guy is quite tall, though. Or Submit.

Futa on male stories

I love it. Support this artist on Patreon.

Not sure where he plans to post the installments. Probably on blogger with most of his other work. All chars. Golden Ticket Drawing for this month! Made with the support of my Patreon!

Every month my patrons get together and suggest ideas for me to draw. Want in on that?

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Make sure to check out my Patreon Project. My favorite AndyWar65 cartoon. Usually you see this posted with big black censorship bars. I empathize with the sissy so much. Date With Tio. Characters belong to gastrictankafterhours.

I still prefer to put pencil. Porn Core Thumbnails Softcore and hardcore porn from Tumblr.

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