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Post a reply. I was a sales executive to a leading fashion brand so my image was essential,always wearing elegant suits and looking smart.

My life was wonderful Today a month ago since everything changed:i arrived my apartment tired just a hard day's work when i noticed that some things had disappeared;i thought that we had stolen,shout to my boyfriend but no one replied. Later i realized that everything was Frank's possessions Frank was my boyfriend's name.

He left me along with all the money we had in our current ,he escaped to another country with my best friend. My life was all over,i was without boyfriend,money and i had not a friend that help me. All days spent my time crying in bed. I was fired from my job because i wasn't goint to work.

I had to return to live with my mother because i couldn't pay the apartment. Now i'm living with my mother Doris,she is 55 years old but she looks oldest because she like's to wear old fashion clothes and she has a grey bubble permed hair like an elderly woman. She is a fat woman lb and 5'2 tall wearing worn housedresses. My name is Margaret but i like call me Maggy because Margaret sound like elderly woman,i have 35 years old, lb and 5'3 tall.

My body is still pretty because my job forced to look healthy.

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I've a straight blond long hair and i love it. Everything that happened has made me depressed,i'm spending all my time sleeping and watching tv,i never leave my mother's home. I'm really hungry lately,now i always have some donuts while i'm watching tv.

When i woke up this morning i've realized my jeans was tight,my lazy attitude made me gain weight,i'm going to the bathroom,my mother's scale mark lb!! I've gained 13 lb in a month!!

The following morning are similar,i'm still gaining weight,my clothes are too small for my new chubby body,i'm forced to dress in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. My bra was hurting my breasts so i'm not wearing. The scale mark lb,oh my god!!

Today i'm not wearing panties,they're so thight and i torn my Victoria Secrets.

Now my clothes to the day changed i'm dressing in my white cotton nightgown,it's the only thing suits me. Six months later i've gained 88 lb,my weigh is lb,why i had allowed for this happened? Meanwhile other things are happening:my mom is tired for my lazy attitude,she wants i reborn and get a job. I have another problem,my disposable lenses are over and i have no money to buy more;i have asked my mom to buy them but she doesn't want to buy,she say me to work.

Hours late she bring me the old glasses she weared before she had an operation in her eyes;i put them on my nose and then i could see,i never weared glasses,it's strange for me. I took a look in the body mirror and i couldn't believe that woman was me;i am too fat,my legs,hips,waist,ass,belly,breasts,arms,face With my new glasses i could see that my weigh now is lb,oh my god i almost weigh like my mother!!! My nightgown is tight,i can wear no more,i'm naked,"Put on you this clothes" ordered my mother;i take it,is like an old dress,oh no!!

I don't want to dress that rags but it's the only thing suits me. I'm wearing the housedress,it's awful,flowered,light blue and pink,below my knees with two big pockets in hips and bottoned from top to bottom,i look elder with the housedress and the old fashioned glasses,i'm ridiculous but in home anybody can see me. The following morning my mom wake me up early "Wake up Margaret,you have a job interview!!

She give me white granny panties and a white old bra with four hooks,i put on the granny underwear and they are my size;after she give a beige satin slip,it's very smooth over my skin;give me a pair of thick cinnamon knee stockings with toe and heel reinforcement in a tone dark like the elastic;the next is a yellow blouse with brown flowers and mom bottoned to the neck;a full straight grey skirt,when i put on the skirt cover the elastic of knee stockings but when i'm walking or sit down the elastic is visible.

At last i try to put on my high heeled but Forced makeover story foot is so fat,my mom bring me an ortopedic black shoes with a short heel. To finish my look mom put on me a dark pink colour in my lips and light blue eyeshadow,pearl earrings and necklace,and a black old handbag. I'm already to leave home.

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I take a look on my body mirror,oh my!!! My reflection look like my mother or her sister!! It's like i'am 60 years old,only my hair is different but this will change. Walking to the beauty salon i have two feelings,i've feeling so ridiculous in these granny clothes but In the beauty salon there are two eldery women with permed hairstyles. The woman wearing a white overall say me to sit down in one elevation chair.

The other woman pay for the haircut and leave the salon.

The changing mirror

I'm afraid,i don't know what will be my haircut,and the mirrors are covered to sorprise me. Gretel put my hair in a pigtail,she take the scissors and cut my pigtail feeling the air on my neck,next she wash my blond short hair;after that she continue cutting my hair shorter;she bring a pot with some paste that she put on my hair with a brush.

Now she dry my hair with a machine dryer,20 minutes later my hair is dry. Gretel put my hair in small curlers and pour out a liquid on curlers. After dry my hair again she wash my hair and dry with an old towel. To finish she backcomb my hair and spraying my hair for twenty seconds.

Margaret,your haircut is finished,it's a big makeover but you looks so pretty" said Gretel. Suddenly she took away the towel of the mirror and i can see my new image "Ooooooooohhhhhhh" i can't close my mouth:my hair is grey now,an old fashioned grey bouffant style.

I'm a elderly woman,a granny. Four hours later i am in the bathroom of an office on my knees cleaning a dirty bath wearing a green cleaner uniform. This is my new life,my reborn. The end. Reply with quote Re: Forced To Be Reborn AP,WG,Makeover by Jessloma by Jessloma ยป Tue Sep 15, pm I am glad that you liked,i would have preferred to make it longer and with more details but i have problems with my english and translator programs do not help much.

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