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I have written some of my thoughts on training my own bi slave husband in the past and thought that perhaps a primer on bringing new bi slaves into the fold would be helpful. I have been the Domme to my bi submissive slave husband for 15 years.


This is part 1 of our double Femdom and forced bi story. A link to part 2 can be found at the end. Locktober is always a time of year that I look forward to. Enforced chastity for a month helps me in many different ways including a renewed focus in all aspects of my life and being able to serve a goddess who controls my orgasms. My Mistress and I get the opportunity to play together a couple of times a month, but when October rolls around I make sure that my calendar is much clearer to ensure I'm able to serve Her on a more regular basis.

She demands this of me and I'm only too happy to oblige. The first few weeks of Locktober this year were going very smoothly and the teasing text messages I'd receive between play sessions were a filthy reminder of what I was missing out on.

Chastity stories: double domme femdom and forced bi - part 1/2

Occasionally Mistress would send me a picture of Her wearing a lingerie set or a latex outfit with a gorgeous pair of very high heels before she sessioned with another slave. She also sent me a video of Herself in the mirror showing off her latest purchase; a skin tight black latex catsuit and a pair of shiny patent leather high heels.

Her caged cock twitched uncontrollably every time I watched it. Two weeks into Locktober I received a text message on my phone. I have company and you'll be ing us.

Aren't you lucky? I'd never sessioned with anyone else before, though it had been discussed. Was it another Goddess that would be ing us, or maybe another slave? I'd find out soon enough and the excitement I felt built over the next 24 hours.

To keep my mind and body occupied I went out for a run and got on with some overdue house work. Every time I managed to suppress my filthy thoughts another message would come through on my phone counting down the time and something to tease me. Currently lying in my bed after a short session playing with the key to my caged cock.

Think I'll get my vibrator out and get myself off. Such a shame you can't do the same. I read a book in bed to help send me to sleep. Anything that I could do to distract me and help me to sleep. Each time I turned to see my phone charging on the table next to me it reminded me of the messages I'd received throughout the day. Delicious thoughts crept into my mind and Her cock engorged the cage hanging between my legs. I finally fell asleep after an hour of reading and my heart racing at the idea of the session I'd be participating in the next day.

I woke up at 6am to my alarm going off beside me and rolled over to the sound of a text message alert. I hope you got some quality sleep last night. You're going to be my fuck toy later. We have so many plans for you, you lucky boy. Don't be late as there's much to do. My heart thumped as I Forced bi humiliation stories out of bed to get ready for work. What did she mean?! It still wasn't a good indicator if that meant another domme or a slave. Still, I was very excited and bounced around my room getting ready for work. Another text alert sounded on my phone. Put on your black lace thong, stockings and suspenders under your work clothes.

I expect a picture every hour while you're at work verifying that you have them on. None of my co-workers know about my dirty little secret and it was always a huge thrill wearing something that Mistress had instructed me to under my work suit.

I quickly got the lingerie out of my draw full of kink kit, clothing and toys and put them on making sure that the sheer stockings didn't ladder as I rolled them up my legs. With an extra hop in my step I walked into work and took the pictures Mistress had requested in the toilets throughout the day.

Each time I sent a picture I received a "Good slave" message in response. At pm I walked out of work to head home and shower before going to the dungeon for 6pm. I practically ran home in anticipation to get ready and make sure that I was exactly on time, not wanting to incur any punishment for a late arrival.

Once home I douched my tight arse to ensure I was clean, showered and cleaned my teeth.

I checked my phone upon walking into my bedroom and read the new message Mistress had sent. Everything else is here waiting for you. Once you arrive hang your coat up and kneel on the floor waiting for me.

‘forced bi’ stories

I picked out a long black coat from my wardrobe and decided to get a taxi to the dungeon, which isn't far from my house, but I didn't want the humiliation of strangers seeing me in my stockings under the coat. I called a taxi and we arrived at the dungeon 5 minutes early. I let myself in, hung my coat up as instructed and knelt on the hardwood floor in the dark corridor that le down to the dungeon entrance door.

The red light above my head in the corridor bathed me in soft light that glistened on the stockings covering my thighs. With each second that passed my heart rate continued to climb and the sudden sound of a flogger impacting behind the door at the end of the corridor startled me. Two female voices talking with each other and laughing drove me wild. Mistress had another domme with her. A double domme session!

A lasting fantasy of mine that I'd discussed with her before. Christmas had come early. The dark wood door at the end of the corridor opened and my Mistress appeared in the entrance with my thick leather collar in her hand.

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She wore the skin tight black latex catsuit that she'd recently purchased and it looked incredible on Her. Her muscular arms and legs were accentuated by the material and her cleavage teased me between the zippered opening at the front.

Her black platform high heels clicked on the floor as she approached me. I could feel my blood coursing through my entire body and my knees began shaking in anticipation.

I raised my chin and looked at her smiling. Her smile is incredibly infectious and I beamed with joy in response. She knelt down with her knees apart and fixed by collar around my neck. She then ran her hands Forced bi humiliation stories my stockinged thighs, up my bare chest and around the collar to ensure it was tightly secured.

I'll be back for you in a moment" she announced before rising up, turning around and walking back through the dungeon door, closing it behind her. The muffled sound of Mistress talking to the other person in the room again drove me wild. This was a huge moment for me as I'd only served one Mistress before this day. She was the only person to see me dressed in lingerie and the thrill was very exciting. Someone else would get to know my dirty little secret. I trusted Mistress implicitly, so if she decided it was the right thing for me, I knew that I was safe.

The door to the dungeon opened again and Mistress approached me with a shiny metal leash hanging from her right hand. It clinked as she walked and it was fixed to my collar once she arrived at my knelt position. You will do exactly as you're told tonight. No questions. The moment you crawl through that door you're mine to do with exactly as I please. Isn't that right slave? I've been thinking about this for a while and this glorious opportunity is now going to become a reality. I've wanted it for a long time and now you're going to be my fuck toy for the night.

I hope you don't have anything to do tomorrow as you might be here for quite some time. I crawled on my hands and knees, mesmerised by her heels leading the way in front of me. Mistress's dungeon is a well equipped play space with lots of different toys, suspension points, furniture, cages, a wall of high heels and boots, a wardrobe full of latex outfits, whips of many varieties hung up on hooks along one wall and a large wooden St Andrews cross at the back of the room.

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The dark walls provide a very intimate feel to the space despite its large size. You will not look at anything except the floor unless you're given permission" Mistress ordered. I did as I was told and lowered my gaze to the floor as I crawled into the room.

The swish of a flogger impacting on something almost caused me to divert my eyes, but I remained disciplined and kept looking down to the floor. A harsh tug on my leash directed me towards a dressing room to the left of the main entrance door. I crawled inside and the door was shut behind me. I did as I was told without hesitation.

It's all hung up in the wardrobe. Once I leave the room you'll read the note that I've left for you in the envelope on the table over there. Follow the instructions laid out in it exactly. I was ready to please Her in any way she demanded. Little did I know what she had in store for me that evening.

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