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  • How old am I:
  • 32
  • Ethnic:
  • Scottish
  • Languages:
  • French
  • What is my hobbies:
  • My hobbies driving a car
  • I have tattoo:
  • I have tattoos


Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. It has no bearing on the real world, nor influence from it. The author does not condone corporal punishment in any form, and especially not abuse. Do not read this if you are not legally allowed to do so due to, for instance, age or location. She has to sit out and will be resitting a different test at a later date, but we thought you should know directly. While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.


I heard some weird noise and seconds later freezing cold water was poured onto my head. I shook my head and climbed out of my bed. I hate this!

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I used to love this camp, I came here every year before me and my brothers got famous. I told them no, absolutely not! I got up and showered and then I grabbed my guitar and sat on the couch and started strumming it. I used to love music, I was so passionate about it, until our Label took control of it and now I hate the music we are forced to release.

I groaned and tossed my phone on the couch and sat back and crossed my arms and glared at nothing.

I miss that kid! I rolled my eyes and walked into my class. I was rude to everyone and totally not being helpful at all. I was so thankful when it was over. I walked back to my cabin and I laid down and started texting…. I gave you one last chance, and you already blew it! He sat down on the bed and tugged me hard and I fell forward over his lap. He grabbed my wrist and painfully pinned it to my back.

I gasped! I cant believe this is happening! I feel completely trapped! I cant get away from him! I grabbed his ankle and tried to Pinch his leg really hard to see if that would make him let go of me. I jumped and yelped when he pinched me back in the butt!

I felt him messing around with my jeans and I was hoping he was trying to pull them back up. I gasped as the pain in my bottom instantly doubled. I will! I will respect you! I actually am really sorry. Shane: "nooo! I just hope nobody sees me. I slipped off of his lap so I was on my knees in front of him, tears still pouring from my eyes. I cried into his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and just held me. Hey Guys, I was watching Camp Rock Yesterday with my sister, and I thought it would be fun to write about it, Joe Shane was such a brat in the beginning on Fanfiction spanking stories movie.

Let me know! My daddy is already on his way and I am really excited to see him. I tried to call him back, and it went right to voic.

Big brother

Taylor was quiet for a minute, so I kinda ignored him, until he stepped into my space again. Be careful! Step back! He let go of me, and he took 4 steps back. I sighed and I put the pan in the oven, and I set the timer, before turning back to him. I walked over and scooped him up.

I smiled. Frankie tensed a little. I grabbed it from him, because Frankie is being shy, and I held it up to Frankie, he gave my dad a shy little smile. Come play with us! He ran over to the other. I guess no matter how old you are, you can still be your d baby.

I stood up, and I pushed him out of the way. He fell backwards and right through the screen thingy in front of the fireplace and landed it in. I gasped and I quickly pulled him up. Joey is sobbing, hard. I feel awful! Do we need to go to the hospital?

Dad ignored that though, because once they disappeared up the stairs Dad turned his attention to me, stepped past Grandpa and Dan and then he stormed over to me. I stepped took a couple steps back, but the back of my legs hit the coffee table, making me kind of trip and end up sitting on the table with him towering over me. Taylor got up off the couch, and he came over and wrapped his arm around me, protectively. I let out a sob, and I turned and wrapped my hands around his waist. And I buried my face into his stomach.

Got it? I pulled away from Taylor and I quickly got up and I ran outside, and I sat on the porch. I just need to be by myself for a second. I feel like a horrible brother. I heard the door open and I pouted and tried to wipe my tears. I sighed and I put it on. I rolled my eyes and zipped it up. He scooted closer and I leaned up against him, he put his arm around me and we both just sat quietly and watched the snow fall for a minute.

Emily came back with her medical bag thing, and she went inside to tend to Joey.

He is glaring at me. Run away? Because neither of those things are going to happen! I will beat the hell out of you if you even try! We took our coats off, and then he went and sat on the couch next to drake. I bit my lip and I ducked my head kind of embarrassed about getting yelled at in front of everyone.

I quickly ran over, and I jumped into his lap. He sighed and he started rubbing my back. I shook my head no. I closed my eyes and just enjoying the cuddles and being held for a little bit. He is still cuddling with me right now. Kevin sat up in my lap, and he looked at his grandpa with a pout on his face. The living room flooded with people again as everyone came back downstairs.

Big brother

He walked over and sat on my lap. Watch it! He is hugging Denise, who is still visibly upset. He crossed his arms. He was not impressed, he glared at me. You know that Kevy would never ever intentionally hurt his Fanfiction spanking stories brother like that… Joey was playing around and he was blocking the tv because Kevin has been winning all the games we have played, so he thought it would be funny to stand in front of the tv. I think Joey must have tripped on something because Kevin did not push him that hard.

I always get in trouble for trying to get the boys out of punishments. I instantly dropped my hand from my mouth, and I looked up at him. He sighed. I yelped and tried to get away from him, but he still has his arms around me, holding me close. I pouted and looked up at him. He sighed and pulled me back into a tight hug for a minute. Frankie immediately ran over. Frankie has been to the doctor and he is a happy heathy little boy, but he is so little, and he has been through a LOT of changes lately. When I was done, I washed my hands and then I went into the kitchen and I helped my dad with some stuff.

When Paul finally came back in, him and Frankie were all clean. They are setting up monopoly on the coffee table.

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