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  • My age:
  • 19
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  • Large hazel eyes
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  • Woman
  • My hair:
  • I have long scraggly dark-haired hair
  • Favourite drink:
  • Absinthe
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  • Classical
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  • Painting
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  • None
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Posted in Author: SmokedawgSmoking Fetish Fiction Tags: monday quickiesmokingsmoking eroticasmoking fetish. Literate porn, but porn nonetheless. If you don't like such things, or if you are a minor, please leave. Also, if smoking offends you, don't stick around, as this blog revolves around the smoking fetish. More specifically, this blog mostly features fiction and commentary that relates to the combination of the smoking fetish with other fetishes, as opposed to "standard" smoking fetish material that focuses on the smoking alone as the fetish focus.


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Home Help Tags Register. The Perfect Boobs. Warning: the story contains smoking fetish, dark side smoking effects, description of self destruction and health neglecting. You have been warned Part 1 Lisa has always been popular among other. As a 10 year old girl she was quite brisk, and smart.

The only down side was her family. At the age of 12 Lisa started to hang out with the elder guys, most of them had bad reputation in the quarter. At the same age she started to smoke on daily basis. She never succeed. At this tender age Lisa was quite tall and had developed breasts which looked somewhat odd for this young creature. She had long firm legs and small waist, long blond hair and daring look. She started to use makeup which actually made her look older and attracted the eyes of the boys.

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She really wanted to look older to be popular among the elder guys, so she started to wear short skirts and high heeled shoes. She was despised in school but out there in the streets, and in the street basketball courts she was a star.

She was stupid enough to think that she was popular and to enjoy this popularity. She already knew her future profession: she wanted to be a pornstar. By the age of 16 she finally reached one of her goals: she was invited for a private party to some rich perverts. They fucked her all night and dumped her in the morning but she was glad that she had a practice she could use to star in porn movies. Besides she has never seen such a beautiful house an never drank such expensive champagne. She always thought that the more shameless she would be the more success she would achieve as a pornstar. The next day after this party she woke up in her room, coughing as always.

Coughing wildly she turned over and reached for a pack of full flavoured Marlboro reds on the night stand. She has torn the filter away and clicked the lighter still coughing but trying to suck the smoke into her lungs. God she needed that, but her lungs were so clutter up with tar from cigarettes and cigarillos that they tried desperately to get rid of sticky yellowish mucus first. When she finished the 7th cigarette with torn filter she felt dizzy and decided to continue smoking them with filter.

She extracted herself from bed and stood up in front of the big mirror. She saw a girl which could have been pretty, but now she looked simply horrible.

Her bleached blond hair was messed up and covered with dried sperm over her forehead, red lipstick was smeared, sparkle eye-shadows have flowed from her eyelids, and her face was all covered with sparkles, her teenage boob tube was torn down, and one tit has almost fallen out. Her face was sallow, and even excessive makeup could not hide the consequences of 3 packs a day smoking. She has lost her bra and found that she had a large bruise on her shoulder. She took the boob tube examined her breasts.

Fortunately, no harm was done to them.

She pointed once again that they were still firm and perky despite of the size. Her short skirt was rumpled, and her black stockings were torn in several places, and her high heeled platform shoes were dirty from the road dust.

Then she opened a nightstand and took out a bottle of beer. She opened it and sucked down half of it. Part 2 Two years have passed and Lisa has finally reached the age of She was old enough to try herself at porn casting. She sucked her way to the fame working as a prostitute at the corner of the next street she lived on.

Her mother was too busy with the new husband to care about the daughter. In fact she considered Lisa to be an unsuccessful project, and tried to erase her from her memory. She almost succeeded to do that: Lisa was hanging all day long at home, and mom decide it would be better to move to another town, to her new husband. They both liked that. Lisa has never been really poor because she has always been working hard. Extreme deepthroat with vomit and tears from her eyes — you are welcome, just pay 50 bucks extra. Anal or double fisting — she will do even that, but for 70 bucks extra.

Two years of heavy smoking, drinking and being used mercilessly as some sort of fucking machine have taken its toll on Lisa. Her face hardly reminded one of an year old girl. One would give her 25 or so. She has developed a small wrinkles in the corner of her mouth, the smoker wrinkles from constant sucking on cigarettes. On top of it all, it was worsened by her lazy way of life. Lisa never really went out. She would spend all night fucking, and half of her day sleeping and smoking in bed.

Only in the evenings she would go out to the pub to hook another client or just to hang out with other local sluts. She had to apply tons of makeup to conceal the sallowness of her face. Every night she was sitting naked in front of the mirror in her small apartment, exchanging cigarette with gulps of beer of whiskey, coughing and gluing her face with thick layer of make-up foundation, powder, applying fake eyelashes, covering her cocksucking lips with everpresent cigarette dangled from the corner of her mouth with shiny pink lipstick, but all this would only make things worse.

Instead of looking simply unhealthy, after the makeup she looked like a totally used up cheap cocksucking whore. Now she was ready to stumble down the stairs, already a bit drunk, cursing and puffing on her cigarette. Lisa was a prostitute, and her friends were too, which is very natural. You lungs sound like. Instead of that she was only able to bent over, pressing her massive saggy tits against the bar counter trying to take some air suppressing the urge to cough more and more.

She was wheezing and gulped the air like a fish. Finally she gave such a powerful a coughing spell that everyone in the bar was staring at her.

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She massaged the top of her huge breasts with one hand still holding a cigarette in it, and showing the middle finger with the other. But her breasts were saggy as if she had given birth to three children, and they joggled when she walked even if she wore a supportive bra. Her legs have never knew what was the jogging like so she started to develop a bit more flesh on her thigh, and her ass was getting soft although still quite sexy due to her genetics. Anyway she still wanted to try herself in porn, although her inner voice was telling her it was not the best idea.

She thought her youth and charm would always be with her, but extreme heavy smoking, alcohol and way too much rough sex abused her body to the limit. In the morning she literary FELT her lungs falling apart, and they hurt badly. She loved smoking and quitting was no option for her, but the mornings were pure hell. Sometimes she would spend 5 minutes just leaning on the wall in the toilet, coughing and spitting dark ooze from her pretty mouth, with her tits swaying from side to side.

Oh yes, her mouth was still pretty: full lips always covered in red or pink lipstick attracted men. Even in her condition she could still attract clients. But there was some difference between being a cheap hooker with tits hanging to the navel and being a top notch pornstar. Part 3 So the day has come and Lisa was going to have a casting at one of porn studio.

It was simply scary. Anyway, one company invited her, and she was glad. She got to the address, entered the casting room.

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The crew was adjusting the cameras and light. The producer was seated in a comfortable chair. That was a bold guy dressed in fancy shirt and jeans. As she took her bra off her huge tits fell down almost reaching her belly. She tried to suppress coughing and managed to do that but she knew that it was not for long. Take the skirt and panties off and we are starting. A tall handsome guy entered the room.

He was completely naked and with erected penis. He put Lisa on her knees she was now dressed in her high heeled shoes and stockings and roughly shoved his penis into her open mouth.

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I love being a naughty girl, especially a schoolgirl.


I knew of her as a friend of my sister-in-law, Ellen.


Lucia came out of the work meeting with a bad headache, partly because it was such a long boring three hour session, but more so because most of the nicotine left her system, and her brain was screaming for a potent dose of chemical laced smoke.


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