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On a warm, summer morning, I drifted in and out of that hallucinogenic plane between wakefulness and sleep. Cocooned in the warmth of soft, cotton blankets, I sensed another body sliding under the covers and spooning against me.


This story from Valerie watson has been read 9 7 1 9 8 times. Adult breastfeeding x two Written by Valerie watsonongenre threesome I wearily waited for my husband to come home. My back ached from the weight of my too full breasts. Our daughter is not nursing as much as she used to, but my breasts are still producing a lot of milk.

So here I am, wearing nothing but a robe because my breasts are too full for any of my bras. I've never used a pump because I'll be honest, I like having my nipples sucked on. I Erotic breast feeding stories the electricity that runs from my nipples to my uterus every time they are touched.

I notice that I am really starting to leak and I am become agitated with my husband. Just as I pick up the phone to call him, I hear his keys in the door. As I stand up, I started pulling my robe apart so that I can greet my husband with full, leaking breasts. Little did I know that he brought home his friend Bill and Bill got a good look at my breasts.

No one said anything for a long moment, although both men grinned. Finally, I gathered my wits and closed my robe, apologizing almost incoherently. Both men said nothing initially, and then began to act like they saw nothing. After ushering Bill into the den, I hurried into the kitchen to bring both men a beer.

Sitting the beers on the coffee table in front of Bill, my robe became untied, and once again, my breasts were on display. As I hurried to close my robe, my husband gently grabbed my hands and said "Please don't. After grinning at Bill, my husband said he thought we might fulfill one of his fantasies tonight. When I quietly asked him what he meant, he replied that ever since I started breastfeeding six months ago, he was dying to taste my milk.

He said he mentioned this to Bill who told him that was a huge fantasy of his as well. Bill told him that his ex wife was too uptight to let him breastfeed. My husband then reminded me that I told him when we were dating that I always fantasized about a threesome. He stated he figured he could kill two or three birds with one stone tonight, if I was in agreement. Blushing profusely, I turned to look at Bill who was unabashedly starting at my tits, which were really starting to leak.

I asked my husband if this wouldn't destroy our marriage and he responded that as long as we were all consenting adults, we should be ok. I should mention that neither of us has a jealous bone in our bodies. I quickly downed a whole beer for courage and then sat down between the two grinning men. I told them both that if at any time,I wanted to stop, then we would stop.

Both men agreed.

I let my head rest on the back of the couch and fully pulled my robe open. As my husband began to kiss me, Bill nibbled on my left ear, slowly making his way down my neck, instantly causing goosebumps to form and my nipples to come to attention.

He gently cupped my heavy left breast in his hand while groaning softly in my ear. My husband then lifted my right breast while gently tweaking my nipple between his fingers. I convulsed with the sensations I was feeling.

Bill then lifted my nipple to his hungry mouth and twirled his tongue roughly over my aching nipple. He licked the milk that leaked out and groaned, saying,"I have wanted to do this all my life " And with that he began to hungrily suck my nipple, causing milk to squirt into his mouth.

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I could see he had quite an erection, so I unzipped his pants and released his dick, rubbing it with pure sexual delight. My husband, who was watching this, quickly stood up, took his pants off, and thrust his engorged dick in my hungry mouth. He quickly came, but not before pulling out and coming all over my right breast. Bill stopped sucking on my left breast and eagerly began licking the cum off of my right breast. My husband then told Bill to stop for a moment.

He then picked me up and told Bill to follow us. He took me to our bedroom and gently laid me down on our king sized bed, but not before ripping my robe completely off of me. He then whispered in a heavy voice that I was about to get fucked like I had never been fucked before.

And with that he laid down on the bed and brought me down on his still swollen dick. He grabbed both of my milky tits and began squeezing them, causing milk to squirt over his face. I began rocking in his hot dick while he crammed a nipple into his mouth and began sucking roughly. This almost caused me to collapse because it felt so damned good. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't feel Bill come up behind me. All of a sudden I was aware of Bill's fingers at my ass, gently probing the opening. Before I could object, Bill was entering me from behind in my ass.

I had never been dp'd in my life! The initial pain almost caused me to pass out. After a few seconds, Bill began gently rocking in rhythm with my husband, and the sensation was almost too good. Bill pulled me up from behind, using my breasts as levers.

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With each thrust he squeezed my tits and pinched my sensitive nipples, causing milk to spray everywhere and causing me to buckle in pleasure. I'm not sure how long this lasted not long enoughbut the next thing I knew, both men were coming inside of me, causing a sensation I had never felt before. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I was lying on my back between both men and both men had a breast in their mouth as they greedily sucked milk from them. One of them, I'm not sure who, had two fingers thrusting in my hot pussy while another finger played with my clitoris.

Breast feeding

I came several times more. After we were all spent, both men used my breasts as pillows while we slept. Throughout the night, one or both men would suck on my tits while not completely waking up. I was feeling beyond euphoric.

After we woke up in the morning, I breastfed my daughter while both men watched. We agreed that the experience was wonderful and that we should get together several times a week and repeat the experience. My husband grinned at me stating that as long as we did this on a regular basis, my tits wouldn't dry up. I quickly agreed. And with that, he took our daughter from my breast and put her in her crib.

Bill helped me to my feet, hugged me and thanked me for the time off his life. He then bent down and sucked both nipples, emptying my breasts before he left our house. It's now six years later.

Breast feeding

My husband nurses every night to keep my milk supply from running out and Bill still comes over three to four times a week for his"feedings. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

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