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Brazilian Waxing Demonstration 15 min. Vanessa waxing 1.


Welcome to Bare Skin Studio, where male Brazilian waxing is our flagship service. We do this service all day, everyday. Every male Brazilian waxing client has been thrilled with the. You will not find another wax studio in Orange County specializing in male Brazilian waxing with the same level of expertise in and dedication to the art of Brozilian waxing.

Our regular clients are men that you would not expect to have a BROzilian done. A lot of our clients are weekend warriors that cycle, run and swim Erotic brazilian wax get this service done for comfort and speed but a majority of our clients get a BROzilian done for the cleanliness factor and to be sexy for their ificant others.

Whichever type of guy you are, know that Bare Skin Studio is the place to get this done right! If you wear speedo type underwear your may either want to wear something different or at least wear cotton speedo underwear. You want your skin to be able to breathe after the service. If you wear tighty whiteys, boxers or boxer briefs you should be fine.

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Cotton is key. No satin boxer shorts. What areas are considered the male Brazilian wax?

For us, we consider the pelvis, shaft, testicles and perineum taint as part of the male Brazilian wax. We recommend a Full Monty because not waxing your butt crack is part cleanliness factor.

Male waxing qa

Everyone handles Erotic brazilian wax differently. We will walk you through anything you can do during the service to make you service the least painful possible. If needed we can take breaks to let you breathe. Suck it up butter cup, no one said being pretty was easy.

Besides, when you see how amazing your Brozilian looks and feels you will forget the pain in six weeks to do it all over again. How did you ever live your life before this? Double dipping is when an esthetician uses the same wax stick more than once. That means she dips into the wax, uses it to apply the wax on your skin and puts it back into the wax pot contaminating the wax pot with your cooties.

What if she pulled a new stick just for you? She probably did the same thing with the last person, yet their cooties are still in the pot too. Wax pots are generally refilled throughout the day and more than one service can be typically done from one wax pot. The wax heater is not hot enough to kill the bacteria and viruses that wax can be contaminated with.

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No matter where you go, make sure a new wax stick is pulled for every wax pull. The skin on the BROzilian area is thinner than other parts of your body, therefore it will feel hotter than other body areas. This is normal. If we have to re-wax the area it is common for the wax to feel warmer on the skin.

This is not because the wax is hotter but because the skin is sensitive from the first run of wax. Rest assured we use high quality waxes that are deed to be used in this fashion. Hair grows everywhere. Even on the penis. The older you get the higher it climbs.

For : brazilian wax

Bordering all the way to the top of the building. Times and technology have changed depending on how long ago you tried waxing your cock and balls. The 3 things that will dictate how good your male Brazilian waxing experience will go are:. What is the difference between soft wax and hard wax? Why do you use hard or soft wax on some areas and not others? Why is the type of wax you use on my Brozilian wax so important? Soft wax is an easy spreading wax that is used to cover large areas of the body and removed by a cloth like material.

Sex advice: at 60, i want a brazilian wax, but my husband thinks it’s only for call girls and prostitutes. should i go for it?

Soft wax attaches to the hair and the skin. While this is fine for large thick skinned areas like your back, Bare Skin Studio does not use soft wax for your Brozilian wax.

Hard wax is the next generation of wax and makes for a less painful waxing experience. Hard wax is made of synthetic resins that spre thickly over a small area.

The wax shrink wraps around the hair and floats over the skin. When the wax is completely dry, it is removed by pulling the wax quickly from the skin. Hard wax requires less manipulation and pressure on your scrotum, floats over your skin so there is less chance of damage and less overall pain.

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Soft wax is known to be more aggressive than hard wax. While soft wax is great for large areas like your back, it is too aggressive for delicate areas like your balls. First, this is not a happy ending situation. If that is what you are looking for you will be sadly disappointed when we call the police and keep your money.

With that said, what if it still happens? We can work with it. Your erection will usually die of natural causes i.

Do we think you are a creepy weirdo because you got an erection during this service? Not generally. We understand that men are men and friction is friction.

Does having an erection help with the waxing? Not really. We are trained professionals and can get the hair off your skin without an erection. We understand this is an odd situation. We try to make everyone comfortable and we do it with humor. At the same time we are professional and want to make sure everyone on our staff is comfortable as well. If a client makes our staff uncomfortable, we will remove you from the service. Maybe even call the cops. Do not give us a reason to do that.

Erotic brazilian wax

At the last place I went to, they let me have an erection or encouraged me to have an erection because it would hurt much less. An erection is unnecessary to complete a male brazilian wax. Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding! While the balls may be sensitive your scrotum skin ball sack is not.

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Yes, we can even wax old saggy balls! Hair on the scrotum is generally less dense than it is on the pelvic bone and shaft and therefore less painful than the pelvic area. We use hard wax to reduce the skin bounce back rubber band effect of the skin which is part of the pain of waxing the testicles. The process for waxing balls is no different than any other part of the brazilian wax.

Finally, wax is on the perineum which can usually be done with a few pulls. Star stickers and lollipops are available upon request. It depends. If a guy is naturally hairless except for their Brazilian area, it is common to have all the hair removed.

If a guy is an overall bear, having the Brazilian done and the rest of the body hair untouched will look odd. Our answer to this would be a modified full monty. Pelvic area is left alone and groomed and everything else is removed.

You could also consider some of our other male grooming services to give your body a new look. We can totally do that!

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Busty Milf does Brazilian Waxing and post wax massage of guy with a huge cock 32 min.


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More and more, we are seeing men come in for our Brazilian wax services.


Removing hair has come a long way since Ancient Egyptians made a practice of removing all of the hair on their bodies with sharp flints and pumice stones or since the Greeks removed pubic hair by tediously plucking each strand with tweezers made of seashells!