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Tenderness in her hips brought Diana Bohan into the student health clinic in the fall of The architecture student was ased to see Tyndall and explained that she had walked a lot on her summer trip to Europe and probably had bruised herself. After the pelvic exam, Tyndall said he detected nothing unusual and prescribed physical therapy. She did not tell anyone about the appointment until recently. She waited until her sophomore year started and made an appointment to see a gynecologist at the campus health center. Now 23, she had seen only one gynecologist before, a female doctor who treated her for menstrual issues as a young teenager.

During the exam at USC, she said, Tyndall inserted his fingers into her vagina Doctor fingered me to using a speculum. Later, when she met with Tyndall to go over hershe said, he indicated that she had a sexually transmitted infection and asked how many partners she had.

She corrected herself and explained that the answer was technically two, because she had been raped. She tried not to cry.

He offered to give her part of the necessary medication for free. The sophomore, then 19, had never been to a doctor without her parents by her side. She had never seen a gynecologist. She said he asked her a series of questions, including the of sexual partners she had, and told her that she could decline to reply at any time, but she answered. When they returned to his office after the pelvic exam, Tyndall asked her to sit next to him at his desk and quizzed her about her heritage, she said. She told him she had lived in China and the U. It took 15 or 20 minutes, longer than my pelvic exam.

I felt like he was trying to talk to me when I was naked and my legs were spread open on the table. She never saw Tyndall again.

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She said she found a gynecologist off campus and since has realized what she experienced was wrong. Inthe thenyear-old had gone to the campus health clinic for treatment of vaginal pain. He said he needed to drain it, she recalled. She said he did not put on gloves or use an anesthetic. Months later, she returned to the clinic Doctor fingered me a non-gynecological visit. She complained to the doctor who was treating her that day and later filed a complaint with the clinic. Tyndall, in an interview with The Times, said that he always used gloves when examining patients.

Rodriguez, 46, said she could not locate the original letter, but did provide The Times with one she wrote in praising the doctor who successfully treated her. Anita Thornton frequently chaperoned for Tyndall as a medical assistant at the student health clinic from to Thornton said she found a of his practices inappropriate — and different from how other gynecologists worked.

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Medical assistants complained to management about a ceiling-high curtain that Tyndall would put between the chaperones and the exam table that shielded what he was doing. Sometimes, Thornton said, he had already begun the pelvic exam before she got to the room.

The year-old graduate student went to Tyndall for birth control in He did a pelvic exam and wrote her only a four-month prescription. Other patients have told The Times that Tyndall provided only short-duration prescriptions, rather than yearlong ones, that required them to return to the clinic often. In June, she flew to Ohio for a once-every-four-years meeting for paleontologists.

Now a paleontologist at the University of Utah, Ritterbush was eating lunch when a colleague mentioned news coverage of a USC gynecologist. She has been trying to recall the details of her pelvic exam. She started seeing the gynecologist when she was a senior at USC and had multiple appointments with him over the course of the school year.

During one visit, Tyndall explained how to check herself for lumps that could be a of breast cancer. Still, she saw him every few months for checkups and birth control.

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During one appointment, she said, the conversation again took a turn: The two were discussing issues of sexual health when Tyndall suggested a sex shop Medrano should visit. He really emphasized the ones that looked more human looking, more realistic looking. During a appointment, he asked why so much time had elapsed since her last pelvic exam. Kwait told him that her hometown doctor had said it was not necessary because she had not had penetrative sex with a man.

No penis, no sex. She completed a feedback form at the health center and left in tears. It was not her first pelvic exam, and she said it began with Tyndall discussing things that any other doctor would discuss. The doctor did not respond when asked by The Times about doing rectal exams. When she was a resident advisor in andthe woman said, she would warn her residents about Tyndall. The woman, who attended USC as both an undergraduate and law student, said Tyndall routinely inserted his fingers in her vagina, often twice a visit. He required her to fully disrobe so he could conduct breast exams, she said, and always commented on the attractiveness of her breasts, her slender body and her Asian background.

She saw Tyndall three times or more in some of her seven years at USC and grew increasingly uncomfortable with each appointment. When she finally asked if she could see a female doctor instead, the clinic told her no one was available. It was always this creep factor. During breast exams, Doctor fingered me would comment on her figure, she said, and would also tell her that his wife was Asian and petite like her. Just as the exam began, Tyndall asked the chaperone to go get a speculum.

The former patient recalled that the two argued for a few minutes before the chaperone left. Complications related to an IUD brought the woman to the health clinic a few weeks before her graduation. Tyndall performed a pelvic exam with a chaperone beside her. At Doctor fingered me next appointment, Tyndall removed the IUD. As she lay on the exam table in a fog of pain, she said, she heard the doctor ask if he could keep it.

It was a copy of Cosmopolitan. Sahra Sulaiman, a doctoral student in international relations in the mids, said she was telling Tyndall about an issue she was having with fibroids when he opened one of his desk drawers and took out the magazine. Is this where you get your medical information?

It was the small talk that occurred after her pelvic exam that Selamawit Mulugeta found odd.

She felt him inserting his fingers inside her vagina before he used the speculum. A few days later, Tyndall got in touch with Mulugeta and told her showed she had a yeast infection. He gave her medications. Experiencing pelvic pain, the psychology major was seeing a gynecologist for the first time. Tyndall asked the woman, then 19, if she was sexually active and inquired about her ethnicity, she said.

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She answered that she was half Middle Eastern. As the exam continued, the student said, Tyndall told her he was going to put his fingers inside her so he could ensure the speculum would fit. He put one finger, then another. Later that year, she said, she had an ovarian cyst that burst.

The doctor who treated her said that likely explained her pelvic pain. She wondered how Tyndall had missed that diagnosis.

Pelvic exams

After reading the article about Tyndall, she said, she filed an anonymous complaint with USC and has since filed a lawsuit. More than anything, I was mad at USC for allowing that to happen. Chia-An Wen saw Tyndall to get a refill on her birth control pills. The doctor, she said, started asking her how often she had anal and oral sex with her boyfriend. I felt because he was a doctor, I had to answer. Shortly after that appointment, Wen told two friends who also attended USC about what happened.

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Mohazab, who has sued USC, said at a news conference that the gynecologist told her that Filipinas like her were "good in bed" and pressed her for details of her sex life. He examined her without a female nurse or other chaperone present and put his ungloved fingers inside her body, she alleged in the suit.

He put her feet in the stirrups. The doctor inserted two fingers and felt around.

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She scowled at the memory. He moved his fingers for a prolonged period, telling her this was part of an STD test, she said, and did not use a speculum or any medical tools. The gynecologist did not offer her a container or tell her to deliver it to the clinic lab, she said. She never fulfilled his request. But until recently, she said, she had never fully come to terms with her own exam at the hands of Tyndall.

She was 25 and a theater major when she went to the clinic for a checkup in the fall of or early Tyndall took her history and told her to get undressed behind a curtain in his office.

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A pelvic exam is where a doctor or nurse practitioner looks at a girl's reproductive organs both outside and internally.


The room was cold but dazzlingly lit; the fluorescent lights above were almost painfully bright.


When I saw her story it made me wonder how many people may have suffered sexual abuse at the hand of their doctors but have not spoken out.


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