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Yoga party

Watch This Dare Dorm Video! This is a total college thing right here. A bunch of horny college girls all in one room and what else is there to do except experiment. In this day and age there are cameras everywhere…the little ones you can strap to your head or wherever are cheap enough now for most people to have one so these college kids got together and decided to have what they called a Pro Party!

Every second of the action is caught on camera so Daredorm episode list get all sorts of fun perspectives in this Dare Dorm hardcore party…enjoy! When these guys met up with their girlfriends and headed to the dorm room they thought they were in for a little sexy fun…well they were right, but maybe not quite the way they suspected! For one thing both guys got laid out on the bed and the girls started going to work on their dicks but they traded up too, with the girls sharing those prongs like good girlfriends do!

Unbeknownst to the fellas these chicks had invited one of their girlfriends over too beforehand, to hide in the closet and tape the whole thing…that turned this casual little foursome into a hot update for Dare Dormwhich is where they sent the footage!

Well my friend that happens because Daredorm episode list sexy college girls are taking the opportunity of anonymity to get naked and get fucked with abandon! No guys invited or allowed in the room for THIS party, these girls are having a party of their own and are cumming all over the place! Have you guys ever heard of a tape party? These hotties get naked and play around and of course start making out with each other as college girls are wont to do, and some of em even start sucking and fucking the guys who were invited along.

The name of the update is Stick It To Me and man these must be teh hottest sluts on campus! These college girls love throwing all kinds of crazy parties in their dorm room so you knew it was only a matter of time before someone had the idea to make it a pool party…how can you go wrong with gorgeous college coeds in bikinis getting wet and having drinks!

Things go very very right with this party as the girls get more and more turned Daredorm episode list, making out with each other and then sucking and fucking the lucky dudes in attendance turning this Dare Dorm pool party submission into an all out dormroo morgy with water splashing everywhere!

Where suburban ladies get together and check out the latest in food storage technology? Check out this Sex Toy Party where this gaggle of giggling girlfriends got together in a dorm room with a big box of fun sex toys to try out…they got to masturbate and fuck each other and experiment with little gadgets they had never tried before, and someone was filming the whole thing to send in to Dare Dorm and try to win their cash prize!

Time to party! The wind changed direction? Throw a kegger! The girls got lesbian and started licking each others cute little snatches, munching cooch left right and center while one of the chicks had her boyfriend pound her slit right there in front of everyone.

Graduation day was finally here and these college coeds were ready to party! Someone taped the whole thing and sent the footage in to Dare Dorm and they turned it into this update called Celebration Sucking, not exactly difficult to figure out how they came up with that title. Someone had the bright idea to send the footage in to Dare Dorm for this submission they called, fittingly, Closet Jerker so now we can all enjoy! These college girls invited their guy friends over to the dorm for a little get-together but when they found out the guys had never seen girls making out together in person much less eating pussy they decided to take the opportunity and put Daredorm episode list a little sapphic show, and somebody had the forethought to record it and send the video in to Dare Dorm!

These girls are hot as hell with nice big full perky breasts and sexy tight firm asses all over the place and they really got into this hot lesbian orgy action, kissing passionately and licking snatch right in front of the guys who were all about to pop nut in their pants from the looks of things. Nothing wrong with going back to the classics…after some truly crazy dorm room parties, this group of college girls and guys decided to throw a good old fashioned pajama party and of course it got mighty steamy so they sent the footage in to Dare Dorm for us to enjoy!

Things go from a couple simple little games and stuff to an all out group sex fuck fest Daredorm episode list about 2 minutes flat, and man these chicks are red hot…perfect perky boobies, sweet firm tight college coed asses, and they definitely love sucking cock and getting those pussies pounded! Talk about the stroke of midnight! These horny college coeds were throwing a New Years Party in their dorm, letting it all hang out as they busted out the drinks and goofing off for that camera that someone thoughtfully had brought to the party….

This dude had his girlfriend Cassidy coming over for a bootycall and decided to set up a little camera in his dorm room so he could enjoy the footage afterwards, kind of like how a football team studies their own videos after a game and sees where their problems lie. Hot blonde skinny college girl spinners eating pussy, riding cock and having a blast while the snow falls gently around their ears, sounds like a fun night to me!

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The dare was to fuck right out in the open against a bookshelf in the library and this blonde hottie was so horny she was more than down to play along, bending over with her sweet juicy ass in the air to get that wet pussy drilled doggystyle while her friends cheered her on and recorded the whole thing to send in!

By the end of the night everyone was fucking everyone, it was a red hot costume party orgy and someone had the forethought to record the whole thing so they could send it in to Dare Dorm for all of us to enjoy. Mighty kind of them. These college girls got the idea to beat the boredom by going around and pranking their dorm neighbors, whether it be putting condoms on doorknobs or flashing their tits at passers by and then splashing them with water when they came closer, these girls were a prank force to be reckoned with!

There was a hot lesbian who had never had a cock inside her before, there was a couple of horny coed chicks who had never had any bisexual experiences, all kinds of firsts and these Daredorm episode list girls and lucky-ass college guys were turning them into a party for the ages! With more perfect butts and perky nubile titties bouncing around than you can shake your dick at, this Dare Dorm video is going to blow you away or at least blow your load.

Get ready for a slew of blowjobs, lesbian boob play and of course lots of hot hardcore sex featuring some of the sexiest college girls on campus! Click to see this Dare Dorm submission! Click to watch Dare Dorm! Are raves even still a thing? Well anyway maybe these college coeds are just trying to take things on Daredorm episode list retro sort of turn as they decided to throw a raver party in their dorm room!

That means all the bright-ass colors come out and the blacklights get dusted off and these chicks are down to rock and roll. Things start out innocently enough with some dancing and blinking ring-lights but soon the girls decided to get lesbian and got busy making out and eating each others pussy in this hot Dare Dorm submission! Click to see this clip on Dare Dorm! It was getting towards the end of the school year and these sexy college coeds wanted to leave things on a high note, so they decided to pull out all the stops and throw a masquerade ball right in their dorm room!

New videos by dare dorm

Every girl at the party was hot as hell and with those fancy masks on everyone was a little more open sexually than they maybe would have been otherwise…it was the excitement of the anonymity I guess. Whatever it was, these girls were hot and sexy and ready to party! Of course things turned into basically an all-out orgy as the girls got naked and sucked cock and fucked, and somebody recorded the whole thing to send it in to Dare Dorm for this hot submission! Click to see this Dare Dorm video!

Apparently the deal was whoever ate out that pussy the best got to fuck it and everyone was game…and luckily for us someone at the dorm party had a phone handy and was able to record the whole thing to send in to Dare Dorm for this submission they call Pussy On My Tongue! Click to see on Dare Dorm! I know I have and I bet dollars to donuts you guys have too…you know who else has? Soon pussies are getting eaten out and then the Daredorm episode list disappear under the ball surface to suck some cock and get fucked!

Click to see Tali Dova on Dare Dorm! They were throwing a Luau Party and wanted it to be a memorable one so they had all the trimmings…sandy floor, gorgeous girls in bikinis, tiki torches, and of course plenty of drinks a-flowing! As the night went on things got hotter and hotter and soon the girls were all sucking cock and getting their college girl pussies eaten out and fucked…and all the hot hardcore action is caught on video, they sent it in to Dare Dorm hoping to win that prize money!

Click to watch this Dare Dorm video! Once the girls started making out with each other the guys started whipping out their cocks and before you know it, this icebreaker game has turned into an all out college orgy in this dorm! Click to see Renee Marie on Dare Dorm! So apparently what these college coeds are doing is throwing a Cube Party.

The Cube thing was a fine idea for a party but factor in a handful of gorgeous nubile college girls getting more and more naked and you can see how the rules go right out the window pretty fast. Click to see Riley Reynolds on Dare Dorm! The girls and the guys decided to have a drawing competition so they set up a board barricade sort of thing that divided the room in half and got to sketching.

Everything was going pretty well and the girls were having fun drawing when one of the guys Daredorm episode list the bright idea to cut a hole in the board and stick his cock through like a glory hole! Click to see Brooke Wylde on Dare Dorm!

That can be a dangerous game to play sometimes, I mean there are plenty of people out there who I would certainly not want to see naked but the girls at this party are definitely not among that list! When their guy friends take off their pants to the fun though these girls are all about the D…things turn into an all out coed orgy as these guys bang every chick in the dorm and the girls grab any cock that strays near their mouths or cunts! There was a wet tshirt contest, a hula hooping competition and, after the drinks were flowing pretty heavy and everyone was having fun and half-dressed, a blowjob-off!

Charlie Stevens and her girlfriends were in the competitive mood and were looking sexy as hell as they got those perky titties out and flashed their cute tight college girl butts, cheering each other on as they sucked and fucked these lucky frat dudes. The booze was flowing and the titties were bouncing by the time one of the chicks got the idea to start sucking one of the dudes, and at that point of course everyone had to get in on the action with the girls sucking whatever dick was nearest to them and the guys basically high fiving.

You get to see these horny college chicks getting soapy, getting drunk and getting fucked in this hot Dare Dorm submission called Kiss Lick Sip Bang! Well, to be honest, checking out this Dare Dorm submission I saw a whole lot of naughty and not much nice…but that works out pretty well if you ask me! The video is of this sexy milk white skin girl who looks totally innocent just taking a fucking pounding. Then you have this girl who is pictured and you only get to see her at the very start of her fuck session.

I mean fucking in a front of a bunch of people is a good excuse I must Daredorm episode list. The girl though does a good job of getting him hard, I mean she really wanted that dick so she made sure he got hard. The brunette Daredorm episode list huge tits and loves to get tittyfucked and get fucked while her boobs bounced all over their place, and the blonde has a thing for bending over with that sexy round ass in the air and getting fucked doggystyle!

If you love watching horny college girls getting naked and getting hardcore this Dare Dorm update will be right up your alley! Now this is some team spirit! Tammy Tyler and some of her cute coed girlfriends are getting pumped up for a big game and invited a few of their guy friends over for a pre-game party where they were going to make some s and get painted up to support their school.

Once these girls started taking their clothes off to get stuff written on their perky titties though and got a few drinks deep, the party started shifting gears and the game was pretty much forgotten! Everyone ended up getting naked and the girls started sucking cock left right and center and soon there were hot naked college babes getting fucked and getting their pussies eaten out everwhere you looked…the footage got sent in to Dare Dormhopefully Daredorm episode list horny coeds do something fun with the cash for sending in their antics!

Soon everyone is basically naked or nearly so and the girls are either licking slit or sucking cock or getting fucked in what must be the campus Halloween party of the year with both trick and treat for all! I have really gotten away from posting these crazy college videos but I will try to get them back in the mix.

I went ahead and figure out what a Merkin is but you can read the Wiki if you want. So these girls make these sexy little Merkins and then things lead into them all having lesbian sex together.


Let me tell you I bet they have so many lesbian submissions just because it seems like all the girls that end up going to college want to try to eat pussy at least once in their life. Why not get paid for it I guess and plus it gives you a reason for doing it with you friends. They probably filmed all this on their Daredorm episode list or something, it the end though you get to see what we all want to see real amateur coeds trying something for the first time. There were some guys or at least one lucky-ass guy at the party and when he whipped his cock out the girls poured chocolate on it and started licking and sucking him, and luckily for him the whole thing was caught on film or nobody would ever believe him!

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