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  • My age:
  • I am 29
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  • I'm cambodian
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  • Girl
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  • Auburn
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  • I like mulled wine
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  • Electronic
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  • In my spare time I love collecting


Pastebin API tools faq. up. CoC Minotaur sons transcription part 1.


The Minotaur Mob is a potentially ever-growing band of minotaurs who can be encountered in the High Mountain after the PC has given birth to at least three minotaur calves. They can only be encountered if the player has a vagina. Though these hulking brutes easily recognize the PC as their mother, they have no interest in a normal family relationship.

Like Tamani's daughters, they immediately demand that the player sate their lust, and if the player tries to Negotiate with them, they simply dismiss her efforts and insist she simply needs some minotaur cum - namely theirs. The player only has the option to Fight or Submit to them, or run away from them, which is the same option on all other encounters with them.

If the player is addicted to Minotaur cum, then they will automatically submit when in withdrawal.

Trials in tainted space easy mode

Similarly to Tamani's Daughterstheir s increase as the player gives birth to more Minotaur calves and consequently become stronger, but there's always a leader - the largest, most brutish of the bunch - and a single "runt", or minitaur. If the player has sex with the minotaur mob, voluntarily or otherwise, the result is a bottle of minotaur cum.

The Minotaur Mob are a level 11 grade threat, but have no physical attacks eventually reaching a max of level 14 after enough Minotaur births. They focus on enticing the player lust attacks onlybut sometimes will waste turns arguing with each other. A player who defeats the Minotaur Mob has the option to get gangbanged, to have the minitaur lick them out, or, if hermaphrodite, to make the minitaur suck them off.

Coc minotaur sons transcription part 1

A female or herm player with 25 or more adult minotaur offspring, is addicted to Minotaur Cum and is currently in withdrawal will trigger the Minotaur Breeder bad ending. From Corruption of Champions Wiki.

Sex scenes: Gangbang - Rape requires: lose or Submit instead of Fight Different scenes depending on stage of pregnancy. Slightly different taunts if PC is pregnant with Minotaur spawn. menu Personal tools Log in.

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