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You guys wanted me to do a writeup on the psychic vampire community's reaction to the pandemic, but tbh there wasn't a lot of real drama there—just a bunch of crazy adults and edgy teenagers in their Twilight phases getting offended because people were referring to them as "extroverts" instead of "energy vampires" thus, it being a "scuffle" post instead of an actual post. Also, I'm currently working on a biomed-related research project, so coronavirus is basically the only thing I hear about all day every day, and I wasn't too willing to write another whole essay about it.

The story begins in Frozen has just come out, and it's a smash hit with both kids and their very hormonal teenage siblings.

While department stores and Targets around the country scramble to get enough Elsa merch on the shelves before the holiday season, Disney fans are creating new Frozen fandom content at a mile a minute. Some people are dedicated enough to migrate from their Disney blogs to completely new blogs dedicated exclusively to Frozen stuff. Overall, Tumblr is pretty obsessed, and Frozen-related fanart, fanfiction, and fan-edits are flooding everyone's dashboards.

Constable frozen fetish of the new content is pretty generic and same-y—you know: horny smut fic, icy moodboards, glittery pictures of Elsa and Anna in elaborate dresses. But there's one particular blog that stands out in this sea of sameness: constable-frozen. Constable-frozen is set apart from every other Frozen blog for two reasons: it has a ton of posts, and they're all really good. The whole thing is filled with insanely high-effort edits, most of which feature the heroines of Frozen alongside various Marvel superheroes. It's immediately obvious that whoever is behind this knows what he's doing: all of his gifs and photoshops are completely seamless, even though live-action movies and animated princesses usually don't blend well.

There's one image where Anna is wearing a Captain America costume, which has been painstakingly photoshopped onto her coronation gown, complete with shading and shadows. Other pictures are similarly detailed, even the stupid joke ones that should, by all means, be low-effort shitposts. This level of attention to detail, combined with the fact that the Disney and Marvel fandoms are both huge on Tumblr, quickly led to Constable-frozen garnering a massive following. So you may be wondering at this point: what is this about?

Is it just clever humor, or a really elaborate parody? But the answer is none of these things. Literally nothing on the entire blog makes any sense whatsoever. I guess you could read it as comedy, but there are never any obvious jokes —more like complete randomness. No crossover fanfiction.

Constable-frozen denies that his frozen tumblr is secretly a fetish blog

No meaning. And, naturally, Constable frozen fetish fell in love. Fandom and surrealism: name a better duo. For a while, this was just how it went. Constable-frozen would post a super-high effort edit of something random and nonsensical, hundreds of thousands of people would reblog it, and everyone would laugh and move on. But, as per usual, nothing gold can stay. But whoever was running the blog always managed to stay up-to-date on the latest Disney content, ranging from new movies to new TV shows and other, more obscure properties.

Following that was another clearly sexualized post, this time with Flynn Rider in a ball gag, Rapunzel strapped onto a rack, and Cassandra stepping on a clearly-into-it guy in the background. Some of Tumblr started questioning why this seemingly innocent shitpost blog was suddenly posting original fetish art. That seems like quite a sharp transition, right? All of the posts were very SFW, if rediculous, and now this.

People immediately descended on the fans making these accusations, because how could constable-frozen be a fetish blog?

After all, every post had fully clothed characters, and nothing was overtly sexual in the way most kink is. But then people started actually looking into the archives, and they started finding things that were, in retrospect, probably less than child-friendly. There were a couple dozen doozies in there, but some of the most well-known images were:. Rapunzel and Cassandra, painstakingly photoshopped into sexy maid costumes.

This 'frozen' fan tumblr may be a secret fetish blog & fans are freaking out

Any one of these things on its own probably would have been fine, but all of them If it were just one or two accidental innuendos or raunchy jokes, there would be some plausible deniability there, but there were dozens of these pictures, all very suggestive and very well-made. And, once you start to view these photoshops through a fetish-y lens, everything else about the blog suddenly makes sense. Why was the creator so incredibly secretive about his identity? Why did he never link to his personal blog? Why was everything so high effort despite being impossible to monetize and generally useless to the creator?

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If you look at it like this is a guy who makes porn for himself, well, yeah, all of it makes sense—the secrecy, the effort, all of it. Thousands of people had been following this blog and thinking they were just looking at surreal humor, but nope—it was vore all along! And, because this blog was very popular, there was a decent chance could stumble across it by accident if they googled anything related to Frozen or Tangled or, specifically, Elsa and Cassandra, the two characters the blog focused the most on. In the midst of all this, by the way, some users started comparing Constable-frozen to the infamous DeviantArt Wonder Bread Guy, a rather well-known now banned DeviantArt user with a fetish for rich blonde women destroying the environment and buying lo of expensive Wonder Bread.

Like the Constable-frozen posts, most of the Wonder Bread fetish art features characters children would be familiar with—Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls and other characters of that archetype come to mind. Anyway, none Constable frozen fetish this outrage seemed to phase Constable-frozen very much, and they never changed their blog name or transitioned to a different fandom. However, they did make some notable brand changes: their content seems to have shifted from well-made incomprehensibility to generic Frozen edits.

If you go to the blog now, the first few s are filled with photoshops of Elsa and Anna in different backgrounds, Elsa with her hair down, and Elsa in a variety of different all SFW outfits. As for the creator himself and his thoughts on the matter Brian Feldman, a journalist for Intelligencer, managed to track down the notoriously secretive behind Constable-frozen for an interview after the whole debacle.

Nevertheless, the mod of Constable-frozen finally agreed to talk to him, and these are the answers we got from this exchange:. I hate vore.

Vore is in the eye of the beholder. Vore or no vore, the ball gag, bondage, and vanilla-ice-cream-dripping images were still clearly intended to be sexual. Even as a long time Tumblr denizen I never heard about the weird fetish stuff, although, honestly, what else could we have expected? When Tumblr started accusing CF of being a fetish blog I blew off the accusations and then unrelated drifted off the site.

What a TIME!!

Constable-frozen denies that his frozen tumblr is secretly a fetish blog

The Constable-Frozen incident is probably my second favorite Tumblr meltdown, right behind the human bones one you mentioned. Has anyone done a write-up of the human bones thing yet? Here's a link that includes several of constable-frozen's works:. Holy shit this is a throwback I never knew any of this happened with constable but I totally remember their edits.

This 'frozen' fan tumblr may be a secret fetish blog & fans are freaking out

Where the hobby drama post about that? TIL there was something called vore. No additional explanations needed.

I've learned a long time ago to not google things when people don't want to tell you about them. I felt like this definition was the only thing missing from this great write-up. It might be uncomfortable but you gotta give your readers the info they need to be in on the story!

Oh god I remember that. My favorite edit was the one where he transposed the cast of Frozen into The Martian.

Insanely high quality and completely bewildering. Elsa was Matt Damon. Did you know that The Martian also has a small but thriving fandom? The reason I subscribed to this sub was because of your write-ups, and you never fail to disappoint. I still wanna know the context of the eating ice cream out of Elsa's mouth one. Found the internet!

Posted by. Innocent Beginnings. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Thanks for the write-up. And what have you learned? It's just more vore. The ice cream is Olaf. The most interesting subreddit about things you're not interested in.

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Constable Frozen is a Tumblr based fan-blog for the Disney animated film, Frozen known for posting bizarre edits of the film without context.


And once people learned Constable Frozen was a fetish blog it kicked off a huge debate about whether you should be "horny on main".


Constable Frozen is a Tumblr based fan-blog for the Disney animated film, Frozen known for posting bizarre edits of the film without context.


Well, here's a story we weren't expecting to ever write - a Tumblr focused on photoshopped scenes from Disney's Frozen has been accused by fans of secretly smuggling in ice cream-based fetish content.