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Crazy college hook up stories? Luckily, we have them here. Have any crazy stories you want to submit to us from your college? E-mail us. We dare you.


As young, wide-eyed high schoolers desperately trying to get our parents out of the house long enough for our boyfriends to find the location of our clitoris, many of us look to college as a magical time of sexual freedom and exploration. Unfortunately, a high school diploma does not a bonafide sexpert make. And often times freedom and exploration take the form of hookups both weird and regrettable.

You two bonded over something during day one of orientation. Maybe his band t-shirt revealed you two were at the same concert two summers ago.

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Or maybe you two spent the whole honor code lecture making fun of your orientation leader. The next day, the two of you make the mistake of sitting next to each other during the consent lecture. Less than an hour in, a guy buys you a drink and before it even gets there, he asks if you want to leave with him.

The whole night is just a colossal waste of that perfect bar outfit you spent all day picking out. The only thing you will remember from this hookup is that you got walked-in on. Probably by his roommate.

10 college hookup stories that let you know we’ve all been there

You tried to grab the blankets to cover yourself, and your ever-so-chivalrous FWB promptly fought you for them. No way dude.

Your whole first semester of college, you thought you were immune to heartbreak. Until this guy. You two start swapping jokes during class one day and before you know it, you're texting each other day and night and getting dinner together on the reg. When you finally hook up one night after a party, it feels like the start of something real.

15 worst hookup stories in college

A few more days and few too many panicked texts from you later and you realize he has officially ghosted you. You had no intentions of slowing down, but this guy just did something right. Whether your hookups slowly turned to more or you two waited for a special night, the sex is good.

You now have a partner who hopefully cares about you and your pleasure. This article was originally published at Slutty Girl Problems.

Reprinted with permission from the author. in. YourTango Experts.

Photo: weheartit. Slutty Girl Problems.

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Ah, College— a time to enjoy a little freedom especially in the dating world.


Like many college students, when I moved into my dorm freshman year, I was almost immediately warned about hooking up with someone on my floor.


Turns out my nose started bleeding.