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And even though I have tampered with some of the storylines and backgrounds established by DC Comics, they are still owned by DC Comics. Any resemblances to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. Notes from the author: I would like to take the time to thank Emerald Enforcer for his input in this story. Basically, he supplied an outline and idea for the story, and I just expanded on it and wrote the scenes accordingly, which made things rather easy. Also, he served as the editor for this story and even supplied pictures that have also been posted.


Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It started out as a quiet night in Gotham City, which was a relief to Barbara Gordon.

Batman disappeared six weeks ago, leaving Barbara's alter-ego Batgirl to defend the city all by herself.

Every night had been busy since, but tonight, felt like she was going to get a break. Unfortunately, the lull wouldn't last long. Barbara decided to take a shower.

She walked into her bathroom and took off her shirt and shorts, revealing her sexy nude body to no one but herself unfortunately. She admired herself for a moment looking into the mirror hanging on the back of the door. Her long legs were stunning.

Batgirl: becoming eden

Leading up to her magnificent peach of an ass in back, and pretty pink vagina in the front. Her stomach was flat with a slight hint of abs thanks to the training regimen that she was on. Her C cup breasts were perky and perfect, and her nipples stood proudly at attention. Her hair was a light reddish brunette that hung to her shoulders. The only part of her body the junior caped crusader disliked was her face. Even though she was a college student she felt her face made her look much younger, especially with the freckles sprinkled across it.

Barbara turned on the shower and let it warm up.

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She stepped in the shower and let the water cascade from the showerhead down her hair and body. She grabbed a loofah and the soap and began to soap up her body, She always washed herself in the same order: first her face, neck and back then her perky breasts and flat stomach, then her long legs, ass, and pussy. As she caressed her bare mound, her mind began to wander to a recent event.

It was before Batman disappeared. Someone broke into a lab at Wayne Enterprises. Batman was busy fighting The Joker, so he sent her to investigate the break in. When she arrived at the lab was covered in green vines. Batgirl said aloud:.

She never understood why, but Batgirl always felt uncomfortable around Poison Ivy. She couldn't explain it, she just felt weird.

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She ventured on inside anyway, cutting through vines that were blocking the entrance to the lab. She didn't have to go far before finding her adversary. Ivy was in the main lab going through drawers. Wanting to end this as soon as possible, Batgirl immediately engaged the villainous redheaded Lady of the Plants.

Ivy snapped her fingers. Two vines from the ceiling and 2 more from the ground came out and grabbed Batgirl by the arms and legs trapping her. Batgirl struggled to get free, she couldn't. She yelled at Ivy:. Ivy had a look of lust in her eyes that frightened Batgirl. She tried to get away from her, but the vines held her in place tightly. Knowing she couldn't move, Ivy began to molest Batgirl's breasts. Even though she was wearing her costume, Ivy Batgirl sex slave feel Batgirls nipples become instantly erect under it.

Batgirl protested:. She licked her ear and when Batgirl turned her head, she kissed her on the lips. Batgirl pulled away from the kiss and looked at Poison Ivy with a confused look. Ivy smiled back and moaned.

Before anything else could happen, Batman showed up. Ivy quickly disappeared, The vines let Batgirl go and quickly retreated with the plant goddess. Not really seeing what had happened between the heroine and villain, Batman rushed to his fellow crimefighter. He asked:. Batman ran after Ivy. Batgirl stayed behind and tried to collect herself after her encounter with Poison Ivy. Barbara awoke from her daydream in the shower. He hand was plunged deep inside her pussy. She was masturbating. Her orgasm quickly washed over her and she came.

Flush with embarrassment, she washed herself off and finished her shower.

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Across Gotham, at her greenhouse hideout, Poison Ivy was also thinking about the night of her brief encounter with Batgirl. She mused aloud to herself:.

Ivy went around her greenhouse watering and feeding the plants, flowers, and vegetation she lovingly called her "babies. The sun shined into the greenhouse and on her naked body. The sun shined on her leggy five-foot eleven inch frame.

Her shining red hair cascaded down to her shoulders. Her devilish green eyes could pierce armor if she stared long enough at it. Her 36 C breasts featured a pair of rock-hard nipples. She had a cute little bubble butt and a pretty pink rosebud looking vagina, and yes, the carpet matched the drapes.

The villainous gardener loved to sunbathe whenever she had time and she was rewarded with a golden-brown tan. When she finished with "her babies," the former Pamela Isley sat down in her parlor and turned on the television. She dosed off to sleep and like Batgirl, found herself dreaming about the kiss she shared with her.

Batgirl's lips were soft and moist, not as much as her own, but close. Ivy closed her eyes as she continued her lip-lock with Batgirl. The crimefighter pushed away at first, but Ivy thought she heard a quiet moan come from the heroine's lips.

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Ivy opened her eyes and saw a Batarang crash into a wall behind them. Batman had arrived, Damn him! Ivy reluctantly broke the kiss. She looked at Batgirl.

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Her cheeks were flushed, she had a dreamy faraway look in her eyes, and a goofy grin on her face. Ivy smiled.

She snapped her fingers, and the vines released her. Ivy and the vines retreated into the dark.

Ivy awoke from her dream and said aloud. The Batman is gone! She's all alone now! And I have the perfect trap for her! She will be mine! Barbara finished her shower, dried off, applied her favorite lotion, dried her hair and was about to put on a t-shirt and her sweatpants when her police scanner went off.

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Barbara rushed to her costume, put it on, hopped on her Batcycle and rushed to The Garden Center. Batgirl arrived at The Garden Center. She must've been the first to get there, because no one else was there. All the businesses were closed. She thought to herself:.

Barbara was about to call her dad when she noticed something in a dark alley close by. She turned on her flashlight and carefully walked down the alley. She found a piece of vine, what appeared to be torn cloth from a young lady's skirt, and a note.

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Batgirl read the note:. Batgirl put the address in her GPS and sped off. It was an old abandoned greenhouse.

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