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He also duels the imperial champion, with feathers.


Story came to about words.

Not perfect, messy ending, but hopefully some entertainment was derived from it. And yes I know very little about trials or legal procedures so big thanks to Elwin for answering my dumb questions, and for encouraging me to also make things up because hey fiction. The meaning of the words really does fit the original place I was going to put it, around chapter 3, but the tone is really nice for a credits song.

But I wrote it anyway. Couple of good bits, though.

It was also difficult to write because of certain political events and social feedback last week. I could get more into that, but it would be pointless navel-gazing so no.

So I had to start a new Akuliina on a different server, because I need that cutscene in my library. So… late chapter. But hey, did you know it takes about 15 minutes to get through Nar Shaddaa if you only hit the story missions and skip through the dialogue at top speed? Canonically, now, she gets it sometime between Origins and Awakening. But… pretty pictures!

Meeting Bann Teagan in Redcliffe Village. Liz is using all the equipment from the awesome Of Noble Cast[e] mod. You know, the first battle, with the assault on Redcliffe… I totally missed that happens in the game? chapter: Landsmeet ; next chapter: Aftermath.

Teagan guerrin

Even though she rose early, Arl Eamon was up before her. He greeted her coolly as she ate breakfast; he was consulting maps and reports at the dining table. Eamon sighed. It is good we are leaving for Redcliffe today, or else we might not have been able to make it before our enemies reach it and besiege it.

Will your company be ready? Next chapter should be long juicy though.

I can hardly stop smiling about it. More than I expected. I had to restart my game when I found that out, because I am stubborn. FYI, it takes about 6 hours for a human body to burn. I revamped the chapter divisions slightly so my estimation is down to 16 chapters.

The daughters of andraste — bann teagan guerrin (tv tropes

Nice, eh? The small group marched wearily but steadily southwest along the road to Redcliffe. It was still late autumn. And that was well not only for them, but for others they met on the road, Elizabeth thought, as a frantic-looking woman burst into view, screaming something about bandits. Help me!

Human noble origin – something just doesn’t add up….

So I did. Hopefully I can finish this particular story by the end of the summer perhaps? Now, in some tellings of the tale, this could work — for instance, if you go to visit the dwarves first. But in this telling, which is the most logical telling imothat just plain requires game-breaking logic. chapter: Lotheringnext chapter: The Circle Tower.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Elizabeth was out in front, charging to the rescue as fast as she could. Huan was already there, getting between one dwarf and his darkspawn attackers, barking furiously. The dwarves were backed against their cart, and their ox was lowing unhappily. She knocked a darkspawn to the ground with her shield and blocked the attack of another with her sword.

Sten had charged into battle as well, despite only having his armour, but he had seen there were weapons on the cart, and, seizing a two-handed maul, swung a powerful blow towards their enemies. Elizabeth felt anger fill her again. It was easy to hate the darkspawn, easy to strike more strongly against them.

She did not forget her training, which stood her in good stead against their brutal assailants, but as she killed one she felt a sense of satisfaction that she had never felt fighting against anything else. NSFW again in one spot, should be the last time, though.

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This makes him uncle to King Cailan Theirin.


SPS s: Do you find yourself coming back time after time?