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Dates are much better than clubs for a hookup because despite the sex-positive cultural swing, girls still go out in groups, and they want to protect each other from getting axe murdered by some random guy in a club.


Wear clothes you are comfortable in. The aim is to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of insecurity regarding a new garment, or combination of garments. Being relaxed is key. If you wear brown shoes, wear a brown belt. Black shoes, black belt. The quality of your clothing is not as important as the colour coordination. Get used to looking at your clothes as a net effect.

She wants to fuck me until proven otherwise

Generally, women are far more perceptive about colour coordination than men, you should be coordinated whilst not looking like you tried too hard. Aftershave, perfume, whatever — do not over do it! Have ONE pre-drink. One drink will loosen you up and she will probably have done the same, thereby starting the date on the same level.

11 easy ways to make sex on the first date more likely

Avoid drugs before hand, cocaine makes you talk shit, your eyes look wide and they can sense something is off almost immediately. MDMA makes you seem too laid back and dreamy. Weed makes you too paranoid, and prescription meds generally zone you out. Otherwise, that nervousness is actually needed in order to help form the connection, as on first dates, senses are heightened and the want to connect is already there.

If the date is going well I might take ONE — it makes me horny which turns the girl on further, IF the date is going well. Hold your frame on arrival.

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Be natural. She will be nervous, therefore make your frame rock steady strong and calm, she will be more than happy to fall in to it. Veering from the script of social norms too early is a risk. Women as we know can be notoriously bad at making decisions, if she starts umming or looks confused about what drink to have — just suggest a mojito. Lead the interaction. Already have planned your approximate bar crawl — 3 bars is good.

Make it seem natural though, not like your some fucking weirdo that plans dates, which is what you have actually done.

A gentleman’s guide to having sex on the first date

Bonus points if you can get them on public transport for a VERY small amount of time to get to the next bar. Pay for the first round, and be prepared to pay for the entire date. Dates are different to club scenes where being overly generous is a beta move.

On a date, paying is not quite the same.

If she offers, let her pay. Drink Selection Cocktails are good. Secondly, they contain shit lo of alcohol and taste like sugary drinks. Alcohol is a great lubricant. Bottles of Proseco to share are good, cocktails are great, and white wine is good, or shorts, i. Jack and Coke, Gin and Tonic etc. The intention is to not fuck it up or seem weird. Start boring and work your way in to an interesting conversation.

Yeah it worked most of the time, but I also scared a few off. I want to be rock steady cool and then gradually work my way in to the interaction like a natural. As the date progresses and the alcohol takes effect you will naturally begin to laugh more and talk about all sorts of things — even by agreeing to meet you she already has one foot in your bed, remember that. First Kiss When she wants to be kissed — just do it.

You know the moment, because you feel it. It should be taken at first opportunity; failure to do so for too long will severely damage your chances of getting the notch.

For : first date bang

Also gradually work an arm around her waist as you do it, they love a bit of groping. See Vin Di Carlo Escalation ladder for the basics. Get in to your room, make-out standing, pull at her clothes, and grope slowly but stronger than in the bar. The other arm goes around her upper-back. Do this slowly, and then walk to your bed whilst holding eye contact, either throw or put her on the bed. Look at her with eyes of lust, in fact do everything with lust. You can also fully undress before bed, whatever you want to do, do it, whatever you want to taste, take it. The first sexual encounter will usually define to a large extent how the sexual dynamic will be in future.

I like to fuck like a wild animal then spoon like a baby. How do you make putting on the condom a natural act on one of these.

I've been terrified of the amount of women ok without using condoms and almost seems to fuck up the moment if I stop to put one on at points. How do I make the condom a natural part of the lust-filled sex which usually is all about being overcome with desire that you have to have them right there.

How to get laid on the first date- the complete step-by-step guide to first date sex

That's a good question, and to be honest it takes practice. In the heat of the moment when she suggests, or, if you decide then say - "I'm going to put a condom on". Reach for the draw you have them in, or jacket if you're at hers, go back to her so some part of you is touching to maintain her lust, rip it open, discard the wrapper on the floor like its nothing, blow in to the rubber to check which way its gonna roll, put over tip, roll down, hold on at base, give dick a hard flick like you would a syringe, take her to pound town.

Overall make it seem like you done this times before. I like the idea of touching to maintain lust.

I think like all things it's just leading without flinching. If I think the condom is a big deal, it probably will become one, if I think it isn't a big deal, then she'll follow and stay in my frame. Appreciate the response. From your response - basically sounds like you're in your own head a bit.

Dnt worry - is perf normal. I spent years worrying about how to take a girls bra off, still fuck it up sometimes - no longer care!

I know the cooking comments are insane! I'm gonna be on home cooking dates for the next 6 months then do another post I think. Always end the kiss before she does. Otherwise you seem too eager to physically escalate and she'll pick up on it. Kiss her for a bit and when you can sense things are really heating up, pull back and say something like "But that's all you get for now since we ARE in public and both you and I are obviously very classy" If you have a grin while saying this, it's even better.

6 tips from a woman on how you can get laid on a first date

Anything along those lines. It'll make her go crazy and you will instantly see it in her body language. Now she's made the connection that if she wants 'more' it'll have to happen in a private environment, aka your pad. If you're in control of yourself around her but barely, it's something women write about in their romance novels. So yes, that turns them on.

Also try not to physically escalate much past a few kisses in public. Yes, build lots of implicit sexual tension but don't convert that energy into physical yet.

If you escalate too much physically before getting back to your place, the chances of her hamster spinning start to go up. And the last thing to say before going back to your place is something along the lines of "Hey we're going back to myplace for xyz. But DONT get any funny ideas now.

This will now plant the idea of sex in her head while you're at the same time disqualifying it AND accusing her of being the pervert. And since it's done implicitly, it works magic on HBs and their hamsters. I would not pay for everything. She's not your girlfriend or wife and hasn't earned that. Paying for some things is ok, she should help out. And this actually limited me because I developed this incompatible mindset.

One thing a personal trainer friend of mine he fucks, a lot told me is to wait a little when you get the bill.

This gives her time to think about it, and if she doesn't get her wallet out then by all intents and purposes pay for the meal. Don't make a big deal of it, but put that down as black mark for the chick. However, I've found that a lot of the time she will take the initiative and either A pay for all of the meal or B split the bill. But to each their own. I don't give a fuck if I have to pay because I make sure to not go too expensive, and I only pay if I know that I will be hooking up with the chick.

Yeah it really should come down to common sense. If you're going after more conservative traditional girls that are the type to cook and clean for you, they'll also have the expectation that you'll pay for most things. AWALT doesn't mean all women are exactly the same, it just means they share some common characteristics. Though when you don't know them, going Dutch seems like the best option. The scream of the insecure. Individual style dude. This guide is good, but like many things on TRP it needs to be addressed from the perspective of "take what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is uniquely your own.

I try to find an excuse to order her to buy the first round.

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Before you can learn how to get sex on the first date, you have to forget everything you have ever learned about going on dates with women.


Today I'm going to show you 11 easy, scientifically proven ways to make sex on the first date more likely.


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