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Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt love alike.


At the height of her Mean Girls fame, it seemed like she would continue to shine, but co-star Rachel McAdams became the film's Hollywood darling, going on to star in The NotebookWedding Crashersand Spotlight. But what has Lacey Chabert been up to in the years since then? She's found her niche elsewhere, actually. Here's how Lacey Chabert has been making it work all these years.

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According to E! Newsthe actress went into full-on nesting mode, preparing for her daughter's arrival by getting the nursery in tip-top shape and even sitting down her fur child, a chihuahua named Kittyfor a preparatory talk. While Chabert was obviously over the moon at the arrival of little Julia, perhaps her transition into parenthood shifted her priorities. This was apparent when Chabert did the press rounds for her 16th — yes, you read that right — Hallmark film in the fall and winter of when she discussed the challenge of balancing life as a working mom in the entertainment business, as well as the new path her career had taken.

Chabert will always be known for coining the phrase, " that's so fetch " as the iconic Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. Perhaps Hollywood still sees her as the dimwitted teen whose father invented Toaster Strudel? After all, getting typecast is really easy in Hollywood — just look at the always eccentric Helena Bonham Carter or the go-to romantic star Jennifer Aniston.

In Chabert's case, her entire professional identity — at least in terms of her more mainstream work — is still wrapped up in a single film. Inten years after the Mean Girls debut, Chabert told Entertainment Weekly"People tweet me every day hundreds of times, if not thousands of times [with] lines from the movie.

Lacey chabert totally looks like jennifer love hewitt

In fact, as of DecemberChabert told Star that she "would love to be a part of it" if a sequel ever got off the ground. Someone call Tina Fey, now!

Lacey Chabert has starred in well over 20 Hallmark Channel productions as of this writing. That's a lot of productions for any channel, let alone the one that specializes in the campy, syrupy sweet fare no mother on earth can resist. However, Hallmark isn't exactly the place to go if you're looking for the next juicy blockbuster smash or an Oscar nod.

The real reason hollywood won't cast lacey chabert anymore

When was the last time you saw them in an A-list film? That said, Chabert seems plenty proud of her new network home and the feel-good gigs it produces, which she described to Entertainment Weekly as "like comfort food. Also, a lot of her work for Hallmark is holiday-themed, which isn't a coincidence.

Anyone who knows me will tell you how obsessed I am about it," Chabert told the Clarion Ledger. So it's natural that I would enjoy making Christmas movies.

There's a school of thought among Tinseltown circles that being an outspoken Christian in Hollywood doesn't get you very far We're looking at you Mel Gibson and Candace Cameron Bure. Is it possible that one of the reasons Chabert luck dried up in Hollywood because she's been outspoken about her religious beliefs? She also explained why she was drawn to her character in the film, saying, "I think it's beautiful that she comes to a point where her faith is something that's very personal and alive for her, and I think it's a nice message.

They make money because their movies make money.

Question: is lacey chabert the poor man's jennifer love hewitt, or

Unfortunately for Chabert, her films don't measure up minus Mean Girls and a few other hits, of course. Perhaps casting agents don't want to take a risk on someone who hasn't been in a blockbuster in more than a dozen years. Chabert's biggest project was actually Daddy Day Carethe dismally reviewed Eddie Murphy slapstick parenting comedy from Probably not.

Chabert may not be the easiest actress to work with. Rumor has it Chabert had a falling out with the show, though both the actress and creator Seth MacFarlane have offered up more civil explanations. And only because I was in school and doing Party of Five at the time. But I think the show is hilarious, and don't have a grudge against [Kunis] at all.

I think she's a great actress. That all sounds on the up and up, but how does one explain this not so subtle clip from a Family Guy episode? We'll let you be the judge.

2. her role in not another teen movie was a spoof of her costar from party of five.

I appreciate the values that were instilled in me there," she said, adding. It's no stretch think that Chabert would shy away from roles that require extensive travel, so that she can stay close to family. As far as those small town values that she spoke of? That could have factored into her career choices as well While it's clear that Lacey Chabert has no problem jumping in front of the camera, she's also developed career ambitions that will keep her out of the spotlight more and more as she pursues them.

Lacey chabert

Speaking with the Clarion LedgerChabert said that she's not just becoming the de facto face of the Hallmark Channel, she's working there behind-the-scenes, too. My thing is, I love telling a story And I remember being on the set of Party of Five and watching and absorbing everything that goes into making a show. And that's what I'd like to focus on professionally at some point. According to her IMDbChabert seems to have done just that, having logged seven producer credits on Hallmark movies from to Not only that, but she starred in all of those productions as well, in addition to another jaw-dropping seven starring roles in Hallmark projects she's not producing.

20 things you didn’t know about lacey chabert

So, did Hollywood send her packing to Hallmark? It sounds like the decision was mutual Though she's flown under the mainstream radar for years, Chabert seems to have charted her own course pretty well. Mecha Mutt Menace. That avenue alone could pave the way back to the A-List, a la Anna Kendrick in Trolls or Reese Witherspoon in Singor even just keep her relevant with a whole new fanbase of younger viewers.

However, Chabert could be taking a cue from Jessica Alba by starting to transform herself into a mompreneur. During her press tour in lateChabert constantly plugged Tyson Meal Kits — like here and here — which she represents. She also told Good Housekeeping that the brand and Hallmark's shooting style Hint: Fast mesh perfectly with her life right now. Getty Images. A shift in priorities Getty Images.

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She's forever typecast as Gretchen Wieners Getty Images. Lacey Chabert's Hallmark movies Lacey Chabert's faith may have blocked her from bigger roles Getty Images. Lacey Chabert's films haven't made much money Getty Images. What happened to Lacey Chabert at Family Guy? Lacey Chabert is a small town girl at heart Instagram. She wants to branch out into other aspects of the biz Instagram. Lacey Chabert is making it work on her own terms Getty Images.

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Lacey was only in the 5th grade when she was taken out of school but thankfully she did manage to get her studying done while on set.


Needless to say, people absolutely love it.