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Hey Guys! I was inspired to do this partially by this conversation.

TL;DR is there was some lively discourse in the fandom about who the breakup songs on Red are about. Plenty of this data will still come from the original Swiftgron masterpos t and shoutout to them for building such an amazing document! The other reason I made this was I wanted to have one succinct and chronological place to store every single Swiftgron photo, video, or media of any other type.

If I missed something you can let me know by reaching out to me on my usual blog swiftgron-get-married. Achele is the pairing of Dianna Agron and Lea Michele.

It happened before Swiftgron I think summer - Early Go to Achele References on Tumblr for more info but just know I have reason to believe Achele actually dated beyond public information. Take that with a grain of salt of course and look at the evidence for yourself.

At some points in this document I reference a forum called The L Chat - that place is a wasteland of biphobia, transphobia, and other gross things but they did closely track Swiftgron and Achele. She does have the reputation of being a bit of a player but is literally famous for how kind, giving, compassionate, and amiable she is to fans, coworkers, and friends alike.

With that enjoy! This what I did instead of going outdoors. I streamed Folklore six billion times while building this, honestly it was a blast!

Early Stages - Ships Passing in the Night. The Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Spring - The Achele of it All. The Met Gala Klossgron Extravaganza. Fall - Red and Achele winds down. The Swiftgron Spring - Everything Changes. Winter - The Beginning of the End. Spring - Fall - The End? Winter - Taylor is Clean but then Swiftgron never goes out of Style. Late Stage Part 1 Spring - Winter Late Stage Part 2 Spring Babe!

Late Stage Part 3 Folklore Shenanigans. Late Stage Part 4 Evermore! Keep reading.

I do think that this is pretty hard evidence that Dianna did step out on Taylor at some point back in I do not think, however, that it was the chronic issue that the fandom seems to think it was. This is the only song that appears to be about Dianna that accuses her of cheating.

The breakup songs on do not insinuate that the relationship ended due to cheating. I actually theorize that the track was not released on Red because Taylor wrote it while upset and hurt, and then they reconciled and worked it out.

Taylors on the Rep tour and we get this series of surprise songs I consider to be Dianna songs:. February 24, - Swiftgron reunion? April 9, - Dianna posts with a caption about being 13 years old, unrequited love, and in reference to the show Pen September 7, - Taylor is noted to be at a Fleabag performance in London at the at Wyndham Theater. October 5, - SNL!!!!! September 2, - Dianna adds two playlists to Spotify with some songs that have some very interesting lyrics :.

Taylor posts voting resources from vote. Taylor posts to her stories about voting as well and about an hour later Dianna posts reminders to vote. Prompting me to have a mental breakdown and claim cardigan for Swiftgron nation. Dianna posts to IG with the geotag Big Sur before deleting and reposting without the geotag :.

Taylor announces evermore to be released at midnight that includes songs referencing Elvis and cowboys among other things. The deluxe version of evermore is released with Target and the songs leak online. The late stage stuff is a bit more for fun and just to enjoy the coincidences surrounding the girls.

The breakup songs on Red are not about Dianna! She was with Lea until early and Taylor was with Liz Huett or perhaps someone else.

Swiftgron was not as dramatic or toxic as the fandom originally thought! They seem to break up once in late summer of with a reconciliation in October due to Conor and possibly having to go long distance when Dianna goes to film the Family in France.

And then once in April due to being outed. They appear to attempt a reconciliation in fall with pining remaining until March when Kaylor finally becomes official. Swiftgron appears to be in touch and friendly! If I missed something or if you have comments or questions about this masterpost you can contact me whatiwillsay. This blog is solely for masterpost content so I will not be accepting anons here. for a link to the pod on Apple.

for a link to the pod on Spotify. for a link to the pod on Google. Stay safe out there everryone! Special thanks to jennyboom21all-my-possessionsacoolchickouthere13goldenageofsomethingblueachelereferencesadastrabella and her taylizmasterpostyellowandstripesswiftiesleuthand femslashgifsworld and many many more who helped compile this information! Some of this might be complete crack or coincidence but as you all know I want this to be the most thorough Swiftgron document possible.

Swiftgron masterpost remastered

If anything it proves they both certainly still have similar interests and they really do seem to be in touch. Taylor did claim she ran by the muse that inspired it and they were both in LA in late August Maybe this is when.

Taylor, Karlie, and Dianna are at the event. for photos, video, gifs, and a live L chat reaction to the night. February 14, - Dianna tweets remember those days for some reason it has not been deleted seemingly in response to the Kaylor vogue shoot:. Both Taylor and Dianna have publicly shown that they are fans of his. Taylor has even made certain songs 3 minutes and 41 seconds long seemingly referring to this and wore a Mister Rogers pin on a jacket for a photoshoot once.

She brought it up in interviews all the time, tweeted about it, auctioned off a ed copy of it for charity, her private Tumblr and instagram are called whosirmesir which is a reference to it, her private Tumblr is filled with reblogs about Alice, and her public Tumblr was called fell down the rabbit hole. So the fact that Taylor writes an entire song describing a relationship through the lens of and packing full of references to Alice in Wonderland is incredibly interesting.

But there were strangers watching And whispers turned to talking And talking turned to screams seems to reference when they were outed You searched the world for something else Dianna very publicly went travelling around the world right after April when they seem to break up. Truly a Swiftgron anthem! Thanks for all the unconditional love, sarcastic comments, and interesting Christmas presents.

May 1, - Dianna posts a flamingo for her birthday post is now deleted :. Spoiled rotten. Funny enough, at work they were painting the hallways white and the roses hallway doors red, then I actually went to Wonderland AliceUnderLdn and came home to a surprise flamingo. Here we go.

Fanbook translations (mostly soma x erina)

Another year around the sun…feeling lucky and loved and loved and lucky. Taylor also gave Emily, another rumored ex, a flamingo bandana for her birthday. This is actually the second time she has posted this as a throwback photo. James Dean is of course the way Taylor describes her lover in the song Style. Not sure what to make of this, perhaps an inside joke, perhaps a bit of shade, perhaps just Dianna screaming into the void.

In she was still getting it removed and commented this at a Cafe Carlyle session:. February 13, - Dianna attends the Carolina Herrera fashion show, so does Karlie. Karlie and Taylor have met by now and are quickly getting close.

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Honestly, that was a better ending than I expected.


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