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Do not use. Multiple occurrences of rule violation and you can lose your entireincluding gift cards still remaining on your balance. Use with caution. Giftrocket [ x ] Nothing was found in their legalbut when asked about using the site for adult services in an :.


Among large breasted women over 35 years old, intense breast play has become the new gold standard for fetish erotics. The larger the breasts the more this is growing, no pun intended. ANR has been around for s of years as has general wet nursing of young and old. In fact a Californian company legally provides wet nurses that will come to your home.

The very rich have had this service for years. With the introduction of the internet, this erotic human act has grown in leaps and bounds. Information on inducing lactation is everywhere on the net. Question is, it accurate. Most, is far from it.

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Based on my 30 years of experience in this field, working with s of women and interviewing some DD cup or larger ladies, most are well educated, respected in the community and normal human beings seeking more from their ample bosoms. Some never breast fed thanks to the formula corporations. But now in their late 30s, 40s and 50s even 60s and 70s, these women feel cheated by the system. Their bountiful breasts now tingle and ache to give suck. They ache to be used as nature intended. So now, Adult nursing relationship tumblr women seek to induce for their mates, for an adopted child of simply to see and feel what a full lactating breast feels like.

To be able to leak fresh warm milk. To feel the lips of another human being close around full nipples longing to flow with rich white milk. Not according to years of study. Many of you have asked me if these feeling are normal. No, you are not weird. Only more predisposed and more sensitive to intense and close relationships with other humans and creatures in a caring sort of way that is rewarded with erotic suckling pleasure.

How is that for an answer?

Hungry for breastfeed

Nearly all of you are afraid to admit or to express these feelings to anyone, even your own mate. You find it hard to be straight about it with your very self. Sigmund Freud the Austrian neurologist and the founder of the psychoanalytic school of psychology, best known for his theories of the unconscious mind, said that most of us find it hard to be truthful to ourselves. But, how does one explain that you want to suckle an army of hungry people at your milk engorged breasts? To whom do you talk to about this?

At least once per day, i want you to say in the mirror, “i am worthy of love and affection”.

Who will understand you? You find yourself cupping them, always squeezing them, pulling and rolling your nipples through your fingers. The deep electrical tingles that course through your breasts, your body and to your most intimate organs are too titillating to pass up.

Your mind is transfixed on your erotically charged, swollen and heavy, milk producing endowments. You yearn to offer your pillowy soft breasts and erect nipples, wet and soggy with warm white milk to anyone willing to latch on and suck away till the cows come home.

Adult suckling tumblr

If I include those living in other countries, most of you have had and actualized secret fantasies of nursing baby animals such as baby pigs, new born lambs, puppies, cats, even baby deer or used farm milking machines. Others have secretly suckled children left in their care. Even if no milk was present. For some this very stimulation over time was sufficient to induce your first milky secretions. And you never looked back from here! I have heard these stories time and time again, yet you have not told these to anyone else but me.

You think you are the only one with such feelings and desires. Trust me. Nothing but nothing has not already been tried by others humans. You are not the first!!!! Some of you have carried on this nursing of baby animals for years. In a separate article I point out that women have and continue to nurse all sorts of animals, from orphaned puppies, to tigers, to pigs to calves to camels.

In many societies the men expect their wives to nurse family livestock they depend on for so much. Loosing a lamb can mean the difference between making a living to feed the children or go hungry. So the human wife becomes the new mother to the orphaned animal. It is fully expected of her. Those of you who have never nursed a baby animal dream and yearn for such an experience. A large of women have nursed their babies for years, some as long as 15 years as seen in some societies.

The human breast was deed to lactate non stop for years provided the need for and Adult nursing relationship tumblr of milk was present. While at the same time women have nursed their mates, aging parents, or orphans or anyone for that matter that needed liquid nourishment. Women have nursed as many as 8 people on a regular basis.

U.s. woman says breastfeeding her bodybuilder boyfriend is 'beautiful'

In primitive societies grandmothers in their seventies at times nurse their grandchildren. Others induced or re lactated after years of weaning their last. Breasts in the 30 to 40 lb sizes have been recorded.

As have multiple functioning breasts and cow teat sized nipples. Multiple breasts can occur along the milk line meridian. The milk lines are two parallel lines thickenings of the epidermis along the ventral surface of mammals of both sexes; they extend from the upper limbs arms to the lower limbs legs and are developed in the embryo.

They give rise to the mammary glands and nipples but are otherwise usually not visible in the adult. In one etching a nursing mother is shown nursing a second child on the well developed breast protruding from her thigh.

After years of researching human lactation and the erotics attached to it I have never seen so much interest in the subject. I have been swamped with requests, from women seeking to induce, seeking answers to unusual situations or to be part of my research subjects. Years ago there was only one or two breast pump companies and models.

Today there are thousands. This alone tells you that the financial windfall is proof that the market is expanding in leaps and bounds. Trust methese pumps are not for new mothers. Many are inducing lactation.

Some are boosting breast size, or at least they think, while others are simply using these pumps as sexual toys. Questions, stories and comments can be sent to naturalchoiceee yahoo. This is a very interesting read, but I would like to put my own spin on it. As most of you know, sexually-induced lactation has become very easy for me.

Four guys would have to work on my breasts for an hour to get anything to happen. Slowly, with the help of lactation-inducing and-enhancing drugs supplied by my Sex Agency, it got a little easier.

Adult nursing relationships

Milk squirting took another step forward for me when I became sexually active with my something year old son and daughter. The first, and more powerful, is purely sexual which is why I cum and my pussy gushes whenever I start lactating and I have many juicy orgasms the whole time I am lactating. This is by far my favorite way to cum. The second sensation is the more maternal one - the sense of peace and giving that any nursing mother would identify with. I think the article above talks a good bit about this sensation.

Penny l moon

For me, however, the sexual burst far exceeds the maternal one so I identify my lactation completely with sex and very little with nurturing. The maternal part may add to the overwhelming enjoyment of the act, but it is all about sex for me. What this means is that I have no desire for some of the things mentioned above becaue the act is all about sex: I have no desire to nurse anyone under 18 years of age or a different species. But I would indeed love to nurse everyone else! Therefore a lactating DD breast could have been a C or even a B before lactation was learned. I only weighed pounds back then - God I was skinny but had big tits.

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It combines lactation erotica with a woman who has anorexia nervosa.


May 12,


A mom from Atlanta, who hasn't breastfed since her daughter was a baby 20 years ago, is giving it another go.


It honestly took forever and a half….