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By baby boy kJune 21, in Incontinent-Desires.

When you have the urge to pee go to bed and hold it in while you fall asleep. It works for me sometimes. You do realize that its totally inconvinient right? But sometimes is fun to wake up in a totally soaked diaper. If we knew more about your bed wetting history and experience with diapers, we could provide more specific advice. Otherwise, the suggestions provided above are as specific as it gets. Learning how to wet your diapers while sleeping is a long process. It will probably take longer to unlearn your nighttime toilet training as an adult than it did to learn how to stay dry at night as .

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If you're starting from scratch with no experience with diapers except as an infant, then you need more detailed and incremental steps toward learning how to use them. If you've had more recent experience, e. Also, it helps to know the motivation. Is the bedwetting going to be just an occasional recreational activity or a desired long term habit?

For staters, I'd recommend going back and reading Blake Jordan's posts on his efforts to become incontinent. You may not want to become completely incontinent, but he has a lot of good information and suggestions in his posts.

Diapered for wetting the bed (an abdl story): diaper punished by mom’s friend - part ii

How long did it take you to become a bedwetter again? I wet the bed until I was 12 so I'm not starting from scratch. Continence both day and night is semi-autonomic- in other words partially a learned habit and partially an unconscious normal body behavior You can't easily change the body's behavior but you can change the habit, which in time will change the body's behavior The first step toward anything is to become comfortable with doing it, and to make a solid conscious decision to pursue the goal until you reach it no matter what that takes Bedwetting is particularly tough to achieve as the body produces the hormone Vasopressin to slow kidney function prior to and during sleep.

You can't change that through willpower alone, but you can change it to some degree through habit, as the body will not expend energy doing something unnecessary.

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What really slows the process down is trying to be incontinent some of the time and fully continent when it's inconvenient to use diapers. Trust me, it's really not worth it.

It's very inconvenient and it really controls your life, like I've missed out on doing a lot because of it. I can't speak for missing out on much, but I did have a catastrophic diaper leak last night. Yesterday I went to the movies and had a large tea, afterwards I went to dinner and had even more. I didn't even realize I had drank that much, nor did I have to pee more than usual just before bed. However, I did wake up to a soaked diaper, a soaked bed mat, and a soaked bed cover. Luckily I learned a long time ago to have a waterproof mattress cover under that too.

I managed to start bed wetting in a couple of weeks.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I do so for a few months waking up wetting wet pretty much every morning. Sometimes i would remember going and sometimes no clue i'd wet. It took me a few months before I started wetting my diaper while sleeping. I would diaper up every night and if I woke up I would just wet my diaper and go right back to sleep. Today when sleeping I sometimes wake up and other times I wake up in the morning in a wet diaper and not knowing when I wet it. Same here but I usually wake to pee still Even though there is nothing I like more than waking up in a soaked diaper and not having awakened through the night, it rarely happens to me.

I have no inhibitions about a wet bed or anything else getting in the way but it just doesn't seem to be 'in the cards' for me so I don't worry about it much Being diapered and never having to get out of bed to pee is enough to keep me going and I can be happy like this. Best if you make it wet yourself, however a glass of warm water can also do the trick.

As someone who wets the bed most nights and to be honest enjoys being a bedwetter I can see both sides of the coin.

Soaked mornings: bed-wetting and the adult baby

What I would say to anyone wishing to be a bedwetter. Please think long and hard about what you are about to do. If you are certain this is what you really want and have explored all the conciquenses of your actions then go for it. You only get one life so as long as you are hurting no one you should live it as you please. Bedwetting never hurt anyone but will most likely really piss your family, partener etc off pun intended My advice is just relax and let it flow.

Get used to being wet as much as possible and stay comitted to your goal.

Hopeful abdl — bedwetting made easy!

Bedwetting is a habit and most habits are easy to fall in to and hard to break. Stick at it and you are sure to succeed. I've been a bedwetter my whole life so I can't really give tips on how to start. I hated it and myself for it growing up but now love my thick cloth diapers with plastic pants overnight.

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For : bed wetting abdl

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Followers 7. Recommended Posts. Posted June 21, I am looking for help so I can wet the bed while asleep.

Can anyone help need tips allready drinking 2 pints water before bed time. Link to comment.

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Gennie Posted June 22, Posted June 22, Do you want to wet the bed, or wet your diapers in bed? Hookedondiapers Posted June 23, Posted June 23, It's a long process, with not guaranteed. Craisler Posted June 28, Posted June 28, Posted June 29, Craisler Posted June 29, Posted August 4, Craisler Posted August 4, I believe I was wetting at night until I was 8 to 10 years old. Bettypooh Posted August 5, Posted August 5, Craisler Posted August 6, Posted August 6, AngelPup92 Posted April 12, Posted April 12, Posted April 19, Baby Brian Posted April 19, Bettypooh Posted June 29, Glennie Posted June 29, Baby Brian Posted July 1, Posted July 1, DavidMW Posted July 3,

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Bedwetting is an integral fact of many Regressive Adult Babies lives and feelings.


Learn to wet naturally while laying flat on your back in bed.


But diapers are only one of the many ways that those same feelings can be expressed.